Top 10 Christmas Games (With A Twist!)

With Christmas having come and gone, and the new year just looming around the corner, many of us would probably be stressing out over the coming semester examinations. Looking for a way to release all that pent-up tension? Here’s a list of video games set around Christmas! Be warned though, some of these games aren’t exactly the most “Christmassy” of games.

Batman: Arkham Origins

The Dark Knight seems to be doing a great job at embodying the Christmas spirit in the Cold, Cold Heart DLC of Batman: Arkham Origins. (Source: HITC)

Something about the chill of winter seamlessly complements Batman’s mysterious persona as the watchful protector of the night. Arkham Origins’ setting as on Christmas Eve isn’t entirely random, as two of the most beloved Batman films of all time had gift-giving season themes already. It’s a great callback, before the game itself lets you explore a version of Gotham decorated with sleigh bells and baubles. Garnished with Easter eggs like finding a Christmas poem Joker has left scrawled onto a wall, and the DLC Cold, Cold Heart which takes place at New Year’s, the game complements the icy look of everything with some Christmas-hatted goons to batter into submission.

Kingdom Hearts II

“What is this, a crossover episode?” (Source: TechnoBuffalo)

Is A Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween flick, or a Christmas one? Kingdom Hearts II sees the appetisingly twisted world of Tim Burton’s dark fairytale from a different perspective, giving you the best of both holidays in a breath-taking gaming experience. The simple sight of Jack Skellington’s skeletal frame, Santa’s round belly, or the entirety of Christmas Town in digital form is enough to make this a true Christmas experience. Oh, and the answer to that introductory question? That’s for you to decide.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

Immerse yourself in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3, a highly enthralling game. (Source: EmuParadise)

Something about the holidays brings all the craziness and supernatural to our world. Persona 3 succeeds in delivering exactly that. Anything goes in this game, from alternate dimensions and questions of sanity, to the occult and supernatural experiences. Presenting the holiday spirit in a new dark light; in the form of the darkest hour. The game isn’t just your typical dungeon crawler turn-based fighting game. It’s centered around all the interactions between the characters, and what better time to test your bonds with your friends than the holidays? You will find yourself getting involved in the characters’ everyday life, from start to finish. A true masterpiece made just for you, so make your choices count!

Until Dawn

Rami Malek, from Mr Robot, makes an appearance in the critically acclaimed game, Until Dawn. (Source: Supermassive Games)

Christmas is all about Christmas lights, camp fires, the snow falling, and spending time with the people you love. And what better place to spend Christmas with friends than a lodge in the middle of the woods. I mean nothing can go wrong right? Our group of eight here begs to differ. Until Dawn is the story of eight friends who gather in the winter of 2015 at an isolated, snowy lodge to commemorate something awful that happened a year before at the very same venue. Something in which all of them are, to some extent, complicit. Getting the I Know What You Did Last Summer vibes yet? And as you may have guessed, it all goes horribly wrong, and things get bloody. You, the player,are then stuck with trying to get to the bottom of this seemingly fantastical yet gruesome mystery in what is considered the most interactive horror game of the year 2015. And you get to do all of that alongside characters portrayed by real actors, including iconic ones like Hayden Pannetiere from Heroes, Rami Malek from Mr. Robot, and Brett Dalton from Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Nothing spells Christmas like a good mystery, am I right?

Alan Wake

Be sure to check out Alan Wake, the highly rated game by Remedy Entertainment! (Source: Polygon)

Have you ever wondered how these writers come up with these amazing mystery stories? How can they come up with something so scary yet so captivating? In Alan Wake, you are thrown into a world of a writer stuck in his own story horror story. What would you do if the darkness is your enemy, and all you have to stop it is a flash light and Christmas lights? Dive into a story that amazed the world through its game play and uniqueness.Enjoy the tiny, rainy Pacific Northwest town inhabited by hilarious simpletons and frightening weirdoes, where the only available accommodation is an ancient log cabin in the middle of a haunted lake. What a great place for a vacation! (What’s with horror writers and cabins and lodges, anyway?)

Persona 5

What’s better than one Persona game? Two Persona games, of course! (Source: Gamer Network)

You can start to see a pattern here, our team absolutely adores the Persona series, and this iteration in the series is everything you’d ever want in a sequel. If you think Persona 3 or Persona 4 couldn’t have been any better, think again. This game has already won many awards and adoration by fans and newcomers of the series alike. We believe it would definitely make a great gift to any gamer interested in an immersive experience with the deep social commentary that this game provides.


Check out Overwatch’s Christmas-themed events! (Source: GamersPack)

Taking a step away from games with heavy narratives, you might’ve heard of a little game called Overwatch. It took the world by storm back in 2016 because of its lovable characters and team-oriented approach to competitive gameplay. One extra bonus that Overwatch started is free content that is added regularly for no extra prices, not to mention themed events for holidays such Halloween, and Christmas. This one would make a great gift for the typical competitive gamer.

The Evil Within 2

Don’t do well with horror games that leave you completely terrified? This game isn’t for you, then. (Source: God Is A Geek)

Nothing to make you appreciate your life like playing a good horror game while tucked in your couch. The Evil Within 2 is critically acclaimed and directed by the brilliant Shinji Mikami, who worked on the original Evil Within and the amazing 2005 hit Resident Evil 4. Try not to gift this one to the faint of heart.


You definitely weren’t expecting this, were you? (Source: FIFPlay)

Ah, good ol’ FIFA. This one is pretty straightforward, it’s a great couch game for the casual gamer. Nonetheless, it also makes for great competitions between friends. Just make sure you don’t lose said friendships during the holiday seasons, which would be a shame. Gift this one to your sports fanatic of a friend, they’ll love you for it. Just make sure they don’t own it already.

Don’t Starve

Check out the special Winter’s Feast update from Don’t Starve! (Source: Klei Entertainment)

For the survival gaming enthusiast, if the person you’re gifting this too enjoys the likes of Minecraft he/she will love this one. You are thrown into a dangerous world that you know nothing of. Try to get Wilson (your gentleman scientist character) to utilize the environment he is thrown into to build things, and survive as long as possible using both Science and Magic. Don’t forget to scour the land for food and learn more about the strange land you were thrown into.

Looking to gift someone a game, but don’t know what to get them? A gift card works just fine!

Gift cards are your safest bet if you want to get your gamer friend or loved one a Christmas present that they would treasure! (Source: Jelly Deals)

This is probably the best solution if you don’t know what kind of games that person likes, but we assure you all the games we’ve recommended are top notch. We’d like to end this by saying happy holidays to everyone!

By Mohamed Said Mohamed Elsayed & Abdelrahman Harfoosh

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