Event Review: Freshers’ Pool Party – The Pool, KL

“Pool Party for Refreshers you say?” At once my eyes grew wide with wild excitement. Strangely, the sudden image of that ‘Project X’ pool scene with bikini-clad babes stepping out of the pool dripping wet as well as a car being driven straight into the pool flashed in my overly imaginative mind. “Oh if only Nottingham – Malaysia parties were that insane…” I thought. Nevertheless, I wanted to check out the best of what the Fresher’s Week Team could offer for that little bit of nightlife that we Notties are deprived of due to our geographic location. 

My opinion of the choice of venue is extremely positive! The Pool is perhaps one of the coolest and ‘wettest’ bar/gastro lounges in Kuala Lumpur. Ian Soh a reporter for TimeOutKL said that “(The Pool) is quite possibly one of the coolest new finds in KL’s bar scene.” He went on to report that The Pool is “perfect for lounging and shaving the edge off a long day; it is airy, sexy and stylishly outfitted with an unrivalled pool, border of whirlpool niches and faux-leather couches.” I couldn’t agree more with him. The atmosphere was cooling, and the sight of the pool was so tempting to plunge into, especially in the overwhelming humidity of Malaysian heat.

Now coming back to our actual Pool Party event! The bus service in my opinion was less than satisfactory. The bus ride took almost more than an hour, mostly due to the IMMENSE traffic on Ampang Road! However, the Freshers’ Team were great hosts, and entertained those of us in the back by keeping us enthusiastic to reach the destination. I also had the opportunity to meet the mobility kids (who in my opinion are the coolest mobility bunch UNMC has had so far!).

When we got to the venue we were forced to stand in the unbelievably long queue to get in. This would be a good time to send a friendly bit of advice to all new students – NOTE: you need ID to enter clubs in this country, and trying to argue your way in with the bouncers ain’t gonna fly guys, sorry! Nevertheless, those of us who managed to get in quickly made our way to the bars to quench our ‘thirst’.

The main focus of the club design was the narrow runway platform/dance-floor on top of the pool that we all tried to carefully balance ourselves on while dancing like lunatics! We eventually stripped ourselves off of most of our clothing and launched ourselves into the pool (I personally back-flipped in).

The bartenders and waiters at The Pool were very friendly and suggested some of their speciality cocktails. I recommend the Nutella Martini, a mixture of vodka, White Curacao, Frangelico, Nutella, and milk, especially if you’re a chocolate lover!

During the night, my explorer instincts took over and I discovered that on the 2nd floor of The Pool was a Japanese restaurant called Kyoto Lab, which serves Japanese cuisine with a modern twist. After a bit of research, I found that Kyoto Lab is renown for their unique sushi dishes and drinks, for example their Green Dragon sushi and their Watermelon Slush – a concoction of Smirnoff Vodka, Midori, Lychee and lots of watermelon juice. Definitely a must-try on my next visit to Kyoto Lab!

Overall, most of us who attended the Pool Party event had a blast! Nevertheless, we Notties are craving for more entertainment, so we’re hoping the Entertainment Team give us lethargic students a chance to pop some bottles, mingle with the opposite sex, and dance till our feet fall off. Keep your eyes peeled for the next update on Nightlife activities in UNMC, which will be about our UNMC Halloween event! Wherever there’s a party, your fellow Nott-urnal party lover, Johnny Stumbler – that’s me, will be present and reporting. Carpe Noctum!

Johnny Stumbler

"Zeal without knowledge is fire without light." - Thomas Fuller, 17th century historian

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