35th Student Council Ordinary Meeting

SEMENYIH: The 35th Student Council Ordinary Meeting, and the first to be held for the 2017/2018 academic year, discussed motions to change Green Week to Sustainability Week, as well as modifications to the structure of the Sustainability Network.

The next motion – amendments to SA communication team – was stroke off due to the absence of the proposers.


The meeting was held on the night of October 25th, commencing at 8:30 pm and concluding ahead of schedule, at 9 pm.

The first motion, recommending that Sustainability Week replace Green Week, passed with only one vote against it.

The motive behind the proposal was said to be that the term ‘Sustainability’ is more encompassing of what the week hopes to achieve, dealing with social, economic, and environmental issues.


The second motion to be put forward was the changes to the job structures of the Sustainability Network, and was proposed largely due to discrepancy between job titles and their functions and scopes.

The new structure introduced an Events Team, in charge of the demanding role of planning and overseeing the numerous events the organisation holds.

Besides relieving some pressure off of the Network’s current officers, it was an opportunity for both old and new students to get involved and join the Sustainability Network.

Another change was the discard of a public relations officer position, which was a duty often carried out by the Sustainability officer.

The secretary, finance and marketing teams would remain unchanged.

Since the third motion, amendments to SA communication team, was voted out when its advocators were unable to make it on time, the meeting came to an end with an announcement for the Election Committee nominations.

An email will be sent out to notify students of the opening of nominations from the 10th until the 15th of November.

The chair of the student council noted that it will be a chance for students to experience the inner workings of a council, and how elections are carried out.


Written by Rzan Mohamed Salih Abdalla

"They say that great minds think alike, but also fools seldom differ"

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