36th Student Council Ordinary Meeting

SEMENYIH, 6 December: The 36th student council ordinary meeting, conducted by the advisory committee of the Student Council commenced at 7.40 pm, with a roll call followed by a statement of apologies from 5 members of the Student Council Committees. Motions presented during the meeting pertained to the roles and positions within the Student Council and transparency. Issues regarding the previous Nations Cup were also raised.

Updating the Communications Network

The first motion was proposed by SA Vice President, John Lim Hong Cheong. He stated some changes on the Communications Network that had been made in updating the new roles and responsibilities within the Marketing and Communications Network team.

Clubs and Societies Finances

Regarding transparency, the motion with the issue of financial details of clubs and societies suggested that information on finances should be made available on Sharepoint.

However, arguments were raised where some of the clubs and societies did not want their financial details shared.

The issue was resolved when one of the counsellors suggested that the financial details should be shared with the members of the clubs only but not to the other clubs and societies. The motion passed with a majority of the votes supporting the proposal.


Replacement of Senior Vice President in International Student Bureau

The 2nd motion proposed by SA International Students’ Officer, Nkosikhona Sikhosana suggested that a new position for Senior Vice President may be selected by the Executive Committee of the International Student Bureau if the resignation of the Senior Vice President will be tendered.

The justification was that the current elected ambassador team had past experiences on how to run the team and may have a brief idea on how to handle the job position.

This proposal received a number of questions and disagreements where they argued that the position of the new Senior Vice president will be elected, not selected.

The motion, that the position of the vice president will be elected, was passed the voting of 22 students.



The meeting continued with the hustings where the applicants who applied for the positions for the next general election in Student Council Committee Members 2018/2019 gave a brief speech about themselves.

12 out of the 14 applicants presented due to the absence of the other 2 students. All the applicants gave their very best in presenting themselves and ten candidates made it to the next level. The following general election meeting of the candidates will be held next year.

Changes on the Students’ Association and Campus Related Blogs

The meeting carried on where the Vice President informed that there would be a new branding logo for the Students’ Association. The word ‘campus’ would be removed from the logo and all the t-shirts and poster designs in the university.

Issue on the Nations Cup Event

Before the meeting was adjourned, the Student Council president, Tormalli provided feedback on the latest big event, The Nations Cup. An issue was brought up that there weren’t any ambulances or doctors on standby on campus when there was an emergency. They will hold a meeting with the sports complex manager to discuss further and resolve the issue before the next Nations Cup event next year.

Written by Nur Fatin Amira

Photographed by Taiba Hasan Mohamedi

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