37th Student Council Ordinary Meeting

Semenyih, 21st February: The 37th Ordinary General Meeting was conducted by the Student Council Committee. The meeting commenced at 8.05 pm, with a roll call followed by a statement of apologies by 6 of the Student Council Committee members. Reports of each Student Association (SA) Executive Members were presented, and a question and answer session had also been held. An issue, regarding the International Students Summit, was brought up during the meeting. The meeting lasted for one and a half hour which was emceed by the Student Council Chair, Dinesh Jayabalan. 

The Student Council Secretary, Tan Li Ying gave an announcement to hand out the awards for three best reports in Autumn semester. The winners were Eric Ting Tze Yik (SA Sustainability Officer Report), Josephine (Religious Societies Report) and Malik (Faculty of Engineering Report). As Malik was absent, his representative came on his behalf. They were rewarded with Starbucks cards. 

SA Executive Reports 

The next segment proceeded with the review of SA Executives Reports. All the SA Executives members presented their previous manifestos and achievements including the activities they handled in the prior semester. Issues and lack of progress were also discussed and reviewed. All of the reports were well-written and detailed. 

Question and Answer Session 

The Q&A session took place right after the presentation of each of their report. A question was asked towards the Education Officer, Mariyam Imsa Shakir, regarding the Learning Community Forum (LCF) where a student stated that not all the LCF templates were well standardised and suggested that the contents should put up more solutions sections for the feedback. This issue concerned her, and she will discuss with the person in charge to systematise and upgrade the LCF templates. 

Another question raised was about the food stalls inspection. Apparently, for the previous semester, only one inspection was held in November, and the second inspection was supposed to be held in December. This had caused confusions from the students. The Home Students’ Officer, Muhamad Hishamudin responded that they had to postpone the second inspection as the Food and Beverages (F&B) officer was busy with other meetings, therefore, could not provide enough time for the review. He announced that the next inspection would be held next month. He also explained on how they graded the best stalls, in which they summed up the total of the voting receipt in the box provided at the cafeteria and the cleanliness of the stalls. 

News on International Students Summit 

The SA President, Tormalli had delivered shocking news to all the students present for the meeting regarding the International Students Summit (ISS). She hesitantly stated that it would not be organised this year.  

The justification was that the UK campus had retreated temporarily as the former head of the tri-campus initiatives in the UK campus was replaced with a new leader. She wanted to review all of the tri-campus initiatives to ensure the money spent on the activities were used wisely. However, the tri-campus games will be an exception and still be continuing for this year. An email will be sent out soon to all the students, informing the details of the news on ISS.  

The meeting adjourned at 9:35 pm. A successful meeting was portrayed through happy faces of the attendees when they were treated with pizzas. 


Written by Nur Fatin Amira

Photographed by Anne Marie



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