5 Tips on Overcoming Long Plane Rides

Most of us in life have had to weather through a long-haul flight. You know, those flights that start early in the morning or night and leave you feeling sticky after long, agonizing hours with unkempt hair and bad breath. Years of experience have taught me the best ways to make long haul flights slightly more bearable and here are 5 tips which I advocate for a more pleasant flight.


1.) Wear Comfortable Clothing


Planes are notorious for their lack of leg space (unless you manage to ring in a first-class seat, of course) and the mere thought of having to wear leggings or jeans while being restricted in less than a foot’s space makes even the most hardened of contortionists’ shudder. Long plane rides demand for comfortable clothing, so stick with sweatpants and loose shirts in order to make the long journey semi-bearable. Not only are they less constraining, going through security checks will be a breeze as cotton based clothing will not trigger metal detectors.


2.) Bring an empty bottle of water on board

The recycled air on the plane not only causes static in hair, it also induces dehydration. Carry an empty bottle with you as you can ask the flight attendants to refill it with water. There is no guarantee that the drinks cart would make its presence known down the airplane aisle every hour or so. Dehydration is one of the main causes of travellers’ sickness such as fever, sore throat and constipation. Therefore, drinking water regularly helps maintain your body’s balance, cleanses your detox system and keeps your complexion healthy.


3.) Pack a travel sized toothbrush and toothpaste set

Some air flights such as Etihad provide mini sets of toothpaste and toothbrushes if you’re flying at night, but in the absence of dental hygiene, it is perfectly recommended to bring your own set (as long as you adhere to the 50 ml or less regulation). Depending on the destination, long-haul flights can last up to 8 hours or more and the lack of dental hygiene will make itself known. Bringing your own set will ensure fresh breath and ward off any potential cavities.


4.) Pack wet tissues or antiseptic wipes

Those of us accustomed to using a bidet or a water hose to clean up after our toilet sessions will be sorely disconcerted by the lack it. Wet tissues and antiseptic wipes are important for getting rid harmful germs such as e coli that may cause travellers’ diarrhoea – which is the worst thing that could happen on such a long-awaited trip. Alternately, hand sanitizer will also do the trick.


5.) Bring a pair of slippers on board in your carryon


Most travellers wear closed shoes, but on board, especially if it’s a long flight, comfort is optimum. Bringing a pair of slippers helps with circulation and allows you a proper excuse for taking off your shoes. Furthermore, it also helps in commuting for toilet breaks that doesn’t require you to try and manoeuvre through the small space putting back on your shoes.

These are some of the few tips that would help in making any long-haul flight bearable. Remember, comfort is optimum and achievable to get through a long flight. Utilize them to your hearts content and happy travels!


By Tennielle Callista Chua 

Image sources: alibaba.com, winterbluemusic.com, virginamerica.com

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