Arrest the Media, They’re Internet Warriors

Tayyeep Bin Ardogan.

That is the name of one of the ‘suspects’ used by several high profile news outlets when describing a shooting attack in San Bernardino.

14 people were shot dead in San Bernardino. Although I do not condone the action of their murderers, I am bewildered as to why Fox News, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, and The Los Angeles Times, mentioned a 28-year-old Qatari citizen, Tayyeep bin Ardogan, as one of the suspects.

The police later reported that no such person existed.

Tayyeep Bin Ardogan. Seriously? You have got to be kidding me. Of all names to come up with, that is what they decided to stick with. It appears as if adding ‘Bin’ to your name makes you sound more Muslim, if there even is such a thing. I know Muslims with the most ‘un-Muslim’ sounding names possible, so why they would come up with ‘Tayyeep Bin Ardogan’ is beyond me. The biggest LOL of life goes to that.

Nowadays, news outlets seem to be grasping at thin air when it comes to reporting stories. ‘Oh, the other day Angelina Jolie’s cat died. We must report that.’

Bruv, are you mad? There are sooo many more important issues that the world needs to know about.

  • 12 million Syrians (6 million of them being children) have been displaced.


  • As of November 16th, American Police have murdered 1,000 of their own citizens – 20% of them were unarmed.


  • American police were twice more likely to kill unarmed Black people than White people.


  • The current death toll of Syrians is over a quarter of a million. That is about an average of 150 people per day.

Do you see these stories in any news media outlets?

Just the other day (3/12/15), cheering could be heard in the UK parliament as the UK government decided to pass a decree to ‘bomb ISIS targets’ – won’t this inevitably hurt innocent civilians?

It’s amazing how a few months ago, news media outlets propagated the death of Aylan Kurdi, the 3 year old Syrian refugee who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea. The world mourned his death. And now, fast forward 3 months later, these same news outlets rejoice over planned Syrian attacks.

On a particular plane ride, whilst conversing with a very nice doctor, he suddenly paused and said ‘You’re very cynical for a 19 year old, you know’. Of course I am, sceptical and cynical are my middle names.

Just last month, a British Newspaper known as ‘The Sun’ published an article headed ‘1-in-5 Brit Muslims’ Sympathy for jihadis’.

This poll (if you can call it that) has absolutely nothing to do with jihadis in the first place. The question asked was related to having ‘sympathy with young Muslims who leave the UK to join fighters in Syria’. Let us break this down, shall we?

First of all, ‘The Sun’ (one of the most unreliable sources of news) did not take into account the way the question could have been misinterpreted. Were they asking if people sympathised with those joining the jihadis or were they asking if people sympathised with those going to fight against the jihadis?

It is news sources such as these that propel the average ignorant Joe to believe that ALL Muslims are terrorists.

I’m sure you’ve all read the sad stories floating around social media about young Muslim women on public transport, being verbally abused simply because they wear the Hijab. I find it shocking to read that hardly anybody comes to their rescue. Lol I dare anybody to try to verbally ambush a Muslim in my presence, I swear, you will see stars that day.

It’s amazing how much we form judgements purely from news reports. Do you not know that most media outlets are controlled by 2 -3 major media chiefs who decide what goes in to that paper you’re sitting down to read.

You know what I call some online journal editors – internet warriors. They’re too scared to express their punitive, misogynistic, islamaphobic and racist views publicly. So what do they do? They hide behind their 13” Mac computer screens and declare their ‘perfectly viable’ views in news outlets.

Please, just because you studied English at Oxford University doesn’t mean you can use obscenely erratic language to coerce me to believe your foolhardy views. See what I did there – I, too, can use big English.

Don’t be a follower. Read books. Educate yourself. Speak to people. Ignorance gets you nowhere. Ask questions. Be willing to learn. Be open. Don’t presume. That, my friends, is how you get closer to the truth.


By Joy Ayomide Adeleye

Feature image source: launchsquad

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." (George Orwell, in Animal Farm, 1945)

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