Being Me @ UNMC: Why I Write

It’s a new academic year. Which means it’s that time of the year where our Editor-in-chief comes after us Editors, demanding seven hundred word articles that are both entertaining and enlightening, all edited and refined, ready to publish. And while writing is one of my passions, this can be a tedious job. Sometimes our writing just isn’t enough, so we are constantly looking for a fresh voice or a new perspective, a new thought or idea. And these voices can come from anywhere, from the freshest foundation students to the older-and-assumed-wiser postgrads.

So here’s my attempt to convince you, dear reader, to write for us here at Ignite. And what better way to do that then tell you why I write?

Be heard

Everyone has a voice, a particular interest and different perspectives. We at Ignite appreciate that; it makes our work well-rounded and interesting. We’re an international campus in so many ways that other universities are not (our UK campus included): being a UNMC student, that makes your voice unique.

Because you do it every day

Every day you are creating new opinions and judgments. On a daily basis you are being bombarded with information, both in and out of class. Everyone’s constantly sharing funny anecdotes. So why not share it with the world?

It comes with perks

Other than the obvious ‘it looks good on your CV’, consistent writers gain good writing reputation and word gets around. It’s a great conversation starter, and it still works in your favour if you’re not the most social, since you can get your opinions out without having to bother about actually interacting with people. Then there’s the perks of getting media press passes to on campus events (we’re still working on scoring passes for off campus events but fingers crossed).

Be an active member of the university from your bed

Want to be a part of the close-knit, active UNMC community, but organizing events or backstage work isn’t your thing? Come write for us regularly, be a part of the community with your words.

Hopefully I may have convinced some of you to start writing and you are now thinking of sending it in as you read this. If so, contact to find out how you can become part of the team. You can also click here to fill in our online registration form. Happy writing!

Soumya Bhat
Features Editor

"Zeal without knowledge is fire without light." - Thomas Fuller, 17th century historian

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