Brief on General Election Meeting 2018/19

Semenyih, 21st February: A meeting was held specifically for all the 13 candidates selected in the upcoming election 2018/2019. The meeting briefed about the voting system, rules for campaigning, hustings and related information for the ballot were also highlighted. The meeting commenced at 7.00pm and lasted around 30 minutes, emceed by the Student Council Vice Chair, Ibrahim Miflal Fayaz.   

Instant Runoff Voting System 

A new voting method known as Instant Runoff Voting System (IRV) was introduced for the general election this year. In other words, IRV is a method used for single seat elections with more than two candidates. The significant difference from regular voting is that the voters will be able to vote for more than one candidate and rank them according to their preferences. By using this system, the splitting of votes can be avoided when multiple candidates had earned supports from like-minded voters. The system also helps to ensure that the elections are fair to all the candidates and that every candidate has an equal chance. Moreover, this system allows for the candidate that best represents the entire voting population to be elected.  

Campaigning Period-Posters and Flyers 

Various methods can be used by candidates to promote themselves during the campaigning period. For the posters usage, only 15 posters were allowed per candidate, and the layout guidelines for the posters applied are the same guidelines as the clubs and societies’ posters events. The candidates were also told to put up the posters only at the approved locations otherwise they will be penalised. They were also reminded to put up only one poster each on the notice board. Approval from the staffs is also needed before they want to put it up in university faculty buildings’ notice boards. Speeches are allowed to be made during lectures with the approval of the lecturers themselves. For the flyers, candidates can only hand out the flyers by hand, and unattended flyers will be penalised by 2% reduction per stack found. 

 Social Media and Video Advertising  

Candidates are permitted to set up Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and other social media to promote themselves. However, private posts are strictly prohibited, and only public posts are allowed for the campaign. A warning had also been made for all the current SA Execs not to like, join or share any pages or accounts set up by the candidates. Furthermore, the candidates can also advertise themselves and their manifestos for a maximum of 45 seconds video on the TV which located opposite the SA Staff Office. This campaigning period will end at 9.00am on 12th March 2018.  

Voting Period 

This year, a voting booth will be set up, and candidates were told not to harass, follow or force the decisions of voters. They also must not be seen promoting themselves or hanging around the voting booths or set up their booth during the voting period. However, the candidates were allowed to vote for any of the positions as well as their own for the upcoming election.  

The meeting proceeded with a speech from Student Council Chair, Dinesh Jayabalan. He talked on behalf of the Student Council and reminded the rules and consequences for not obeying the laws during the election. He also hoped not to have any drama occur during the campaigning phase.  


A brief explanation was given by Dinesh for the Hustings day, which will be held in early March. For this year, IGNITE team will be holding an interview coverage for all the 13 candidates right after their hustings and presentation of their manifestos. A live poll will be set up during the hustings day. This will benefit the attendees to engage themselves during the event and allow them an opportunity to share their thoughts, opinions and questions with the candidates, speakers and organisers.  

Before the meeting was adjourned, all of the 13 candidates stepped out to the stage and gave a short presentation of themselves with confidence. 


For all the supporters, a reminder was made to not cause any trouble and control themselves during the campaigning, and voting period otherwise, the candidates will be responsible and liable for the actions of their supporters.  

Lastly, best of luck to all the candidates in this upcoming general election. 


Written by Nur Fatin Amira

Photographed by Anne Marie

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