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As part of our new article series – Studying Abroad, IGNITE food ambassadors will be introducing food related events and societies from the UK campus and the Ningbo campus. Bringing to you highlights and tips on good eating whilst studying far from home. We aim to provide some insight into the various clubs and activities offered by our sister campuses, especially for all you looking forward to go on exchange!


On 1st October, UoN Cake Soc organised its first event of the semester – Cake by the Studio. The event began at 1.10pm, running for approximately two and a half hours before finishing at half past two. The event is open to both members and non-members alike, aimed to promote the society and draw in fellow baking fans.

The atmosphere was very casual, with tables and chairs set up in circles, plates filled with delicious-smelling fresh baked goods. Scrumptious cupcakes, flapjacks, jam tarts, and an array of drinks were prepared. The cupcakes in particular, were prepared by the President of the Cake Society herself, Sarah Wardle, who jokingly told us she had a tendency to stress bake. Not a bad thing of course, it just means more goodies for us!


Plenty of vanilla cupcakes were served on colourful trays, decorated with chocolate frosting and topped with a dash of sprinkles or M&M. For those looking out for sugar levels – don’t worry, they have the less-fun-and-more-dull plain ones too. The humble cupcakes tasted delicious, complemented with only the most basic toppings, but still satisfying snack-craving tummies.


Aside from the cakes, there were also flapjacks filled with oats and golden syrup, as well as jam tarts that come in different flavours such as berries and apricot. Personally, I found the flapjacks to be a little too sweet, and the flavours overwhelmed my palate for my next few pastries. The jam tarts, on the other hand, were a nice balance of slightly salted buttery crust and tarty sweetness from the generous jam filling.


If all these still don’t satisfy your taste buds, go for the swiss rolls instead. Classic, crumbly cake rolls filled with a thin layer of jam in the middle. A simple taste, but nonetheless enjoyable.


The lovely UoN Cake Society committee members.

The Cake Soc committee also took this opportunity to endorse their Try It! Marble Cupcake Baking Session that would happen in October. The society prides itself on their ability to provide baking opportunities for students living on a budget and without access to necessary equipment. Trial sessions are open to both members and non-members, and a small fee for ingredients will be collected from each participant. The baking sessions will be held off-campus in Bluecoat Academy, a secondary school in the Aspley area of Nottingham. The location was chosen as it offers suitable space and facilities for baking, which the University Park campus cannot accommodate.

Cake Soc regularly maintains their social media and those interested can easily find updates and announcements, allowing members to sign up easily for the biweekly sessions. Occasionally, the society will also hold charity bake sales and collaborate with other social interest societies.

According to Sophie, one of the committee members, the turn up was far less than what they had expected. Given last year’s immense popularity, with over a hundred people showing up. They wondered if this was caused by the last minute change in venue. The event was originally planned to be held in the famous Wollaton Park, but had to be shifted due to poor weather conditions, settling back into the cosy Portland Studio located in University Park Campus.

Before we left, the committee also sent us off with as many cupcakes as we liked. All in all, this was a delightful gathering with tasty treats. UoN Cake Soc – a must join for all our fellow cake lovers!


You can find out more about UoN Cake Soc on their social media:


By Laurel Tan

"I am not a glutton - I am an explorer of food." - Emma Bombeck

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