Campus Stylewatch: December 2016 #10

Nor Syazwana | Malaysia | Year 1 Management


Ripped jeans can be paired with almost anything from tees to turtle necks. Syazwana decided to pair hers with a mustard top. Also how can we forget about the pompom on her bag? When asked about her make-up routine, Syazwana said that she loves to keep it simple and brags of a less than 10 minute routine. She would also advise others that when it comes to make-up regiments that less is more.

Top, pants and bag from Zara (talk about being loyal)

Sandals from Aldo

Accessories from Monkl

Watch from Swarovski 

Umar Jamal| Malaysia | Finance, Accounting and Management Year


Double denim will forever be in style. Umar paired this denim ensemble with a pair of casual sneakers. When choosing his outfits, Umar puts functionality over everything because he is quite the athlete. However, every once in a while he experiments with different trends. His most daring outfit yet was a pair of printed shorts and a white tee which he claims is not his thing, he leans more towards monochromatic colours. When asked about his thoughts on men’s style on campus, Umar says that guys have it simpler than the ladies when it comes to fashion because there are not that many variations when it comes to men’s fashion as compared to women’s therefore it is almost effortless for men to be fashionable.

Shirt from Zara

Pants from Uniqlo

Shoes from Nike

Bag from Tumi

Watch from Adidas

Dulani Karunaratne | Sri Lanka |Finance Accounting and Management Year 1


 “The secret to the perfect jumpsuit is to keep it simple and comfortable.” – truth be told. She dressed down her flowy jumpsuit with a pair of brown sandals and a dainty necklace.  Her outfit could not be any more Malaysian weather friendly! Dulani like many of us prepares her outfits depending on the amount of activities the day has, the more the lectures and meetings the more comfort and functionality she will seek. When asked about her style, she says that this is her time to experiment with fashion and she has no rules. But also to be yourself when doing so and we are with her on that.

Bag from Mom’s closet

Jumpsuit from Odel

Sandals from Vincci

Accessories from Avocado (online store in Sri Lanka)

Watch Michael Kors

By Vikki Gitata



Ratchet pharmacist and local fashion slut.

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