Campus StyleWatch: Deepavali Edition 2017

It is that time of the year when vibrant kurtas, kurtis and suits (maybe, even sarees) bindis of all shapes and sizes; earrings both big and small but prominent with jumkas and intricate artwork flood the campus hallways. Deepavali is the celebration of lights and the students of UNMC have certainly brightened up the hallways, blending both the traditional aspects of Deepavali with their modern-day campus style. So, without further ado, we present to you, “Campus StyleWatch: Deepavali Edition 2017”.


Suraj  | 1st Year Biotechnology

Suraj, wore a simple long kurta (jippa) with fine golden embroidery around the collar. He matched his jippa with a pair of off-white pants and black Nikes to maintain a more casual look and personality.

Jippa and pants from a bazaar in Klang

Sneakers from Nike


Piya |3rd Year International Communication Studies with English Language and Literature

Piya expressed her appreciation of her traditional heritage by wearing a hot pink kurta with tiffany blue and mustard embroidery all over the collar and the bottom hem of the kurti. Paired with a black pair of leggings and nude shoes, she allowed her kurti to take centre stage contrasting against the black. Accessorising with a pair of silver earrings donned with pink beads from Chandigarh to finalize her look. Whilst being shot and interviewed for the article, she mentioned how she has always hoped to be get a StyleWatch feature – glad we could make your dream come true.

Kurti from Chandigarh, India


Saran Anandan | 3rd Year Biotechnology 

Saran resembles the perfect traditional dressed Indian man gone rogue with his modern day pair of hot red converse sneakers. His pairing of sneakers with a regal-looking traditional outfit creates for a great outfit juxtaposition – because let’s face it who doesn’t love time contrasts. His royal blue jippa is detailed with floral Indian motives on the material and colourful border on the collar. He wore a pair of white pants to contrast his top and his shoes.

Blue jippa and pants from a store in Johor Bahru

Sneakers from Converse


Ranjetha | 1st Year Biotechnology

Ranjeetha went all out this Deepavali with a vivid and rich blend of effervescent hues. She wore a navy blue kurti with gold teardrop detailing, matched with a gold pair of leggings. Elegant and traditional, she steps up her look with a pair of simple gold jumkas (dangling earrings) that has colourful balls around them, an eye-catching pair of turquoise sandals and a technicolour bohemian-indian inspired bag with tassels and pom poms.

Written by Anussya Jayasimhan


Ratchet pharmacist and local fashion slut.

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