Campus StyleWatch: February 2018 #19

We’ve reached week 2 of this semester, and as everyone begins to settle down into the cyclical habit of classes and breaks, we’ve spotted 3 students who have managed to keep their fashion game on point.


Kareshma Martin | 1st Year English Language and Literature | Malaysia

I called out to Kareshma as she walked into class wearing her monochromatic outfit. With the fashion scene continuing to resurface old trends, Karehsma’s houndstooth-checkered slacks are reminiscent of 1990s corporate wear. Giving the outfit an element of comfort, she tucked in a black top and wore a pair of black strapped sandals.

Top and high-waisted slacks from H&M

Sandals from Bata


Rzan | 1st Year English Language and Literature | Sudan

‘Petal to Metal’ is what we’d like to call this outfit,  and Rzan has managed to pull off florals with a subtle touch of streetwear. A loose-fit shirt accented by the embroidered flowers is complemented by her colour-coded choker and sneakers. Tying it all together are a pair of black jeans that truly shows Rzan knows her ways in the fashion game.

Shirt from Twenty4

Sneakers from DASH

Watch and choker from a street stall in Saudi


Syamila Bakar | 2nd Year International Communication Studies with Film | Malaysia

Syamila was walking past Treehouse when we asked for her to be on StyleWatch. A simple white tee tucked into a leather skirt embroidered with flowers shows how a simple outfit can really pack a punch when you combine fabrics and textures together.


Tee from H&M

Skirt from Cotton On

Shoes from Parkson

Earrings from Lovisa


Written by Andrew Ng

Ratchet pharmacist and local fashion slut.

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