Campus StyleWatch: February 2018 #21

Week in week out, and now we’re in the 25th week of the academic year – how fun. Breathing sarcasm into our plastic enthusiasm for university life, we’ve roamed around campus once again in search of the well-dressed. As always you guys have never failed to impress the lenses of our subpar smartphone cameras. Fluent in the language of #ootd, we bring to you a few friendly folks who we absolutely adored.

Farah Ramlee | 3rd Year Asian & International Studies | Malaysia

Having had dyed her hair before (but in neutral colours), Farah decided to be bold and go blue. The maximalism of a single pronounced colour can do a lot to an outfit. As exemplified clearly, she says that her style has changed a lot since she’s dyed her hair. Switching from black and white to more bright bold hues, her wardrobe takes inspiration from Instagram and K-Pop music videos. Comfortable with athleisure vibes to thank, Farah’s choice of outfit puts function first. With training sessions after class, she says that she chooses outfits that are easy to change in to as she has no time to waste.

Sweater from H&M

Capri pants from Adidas

Shoes from Vans

Sasha Amira | 2nd Year International Communication Studies | Malaysia

Always a joy to look at around campus, our love for Sasha’s style is one that isn’t going to die. Earthy colours and neutral tones made her skin glow in the sunlight as we spotted her chit chatting with a friend. Pairing a ribbed top and a suede skirt together, the outfit shows off a subtle mix of texture. Her sandals are also perfect for Malaysian heat. When asked about her makeup routine, Sasha says she normally does her make up based on her outfit. A casual look perfect for classes and easy to mimic.

Top was thrifted

Skirt from Miira Mew

Sandals from Forever 21

Raihah Noorazli | 1st Year English Language & Literature | Malaysia

Black lipstick is not the easiest to pull off – without looking like you just came out of your emo phase in 2007. Raihah, however, pulls it off seamlessly. Opting for nude shades on most days but bolder ones when she’s in the mood, she says her favourite budget-friendly lipstick brands are Colourpop, Essence and Catrice. Minimal with little surprises – Raihah’s outfit is like an easter egg hunt. From the fur of her leather slides to her large checkered tote bag, the outfit is one that would endure hours of long lectures.

Top and jeans from Mango

Bag and earrings from MONKI

Shoes from Zara

Rhu Jie Diow | 3rd Year International Relations | Malaysia

Attracted by his blonde tresses, we were blinded by Rhu Jie’s highlight from a mile away. Having had gone blonde a while back, he’s never gone back. We also love a good denim-on-denim combo and Rhu Jie gave us just the right dose. With his denim backpack and drawstring joggers, it’s always great to do mix shades of denim when wearing the trend. He’s also a fan of ripped jeans and recommends them as a wardrobe essential.

Top from MONKI

Joggers from Uniqlo

Shoes from Adidas

Bag from Anello

Emir Bustami | 3rd Year International Relations | Malaysia

Knee high socks and backpack in check, Emir’s outfit was inspired by Finn the Human of the Land of Ooo. Emir is one to take risks when it comes to fashion and isn’t afraid to step out of the box every now and then. Putting personality into each of his outfits, he has a golden rule to which he always abides – always match the colours. He frequents thrift stores and bundle stores for his clothes and indulges in pre-loved items. A statement-maker, his haircut was inspired by Gus Dapperton who he finds aesthetically pleasing – and so do we (Bowl haircuts also don’t require much maintenance).

Top, shorts and bag were thrifted

Shoes are hand-me-downs


Moving to the low light pictures we have for this episode, we used a film camera app, Huji to make up for the bad lighting and lack of appropriate setting. Nonetheless, the outfits compensate.


Aishwarya Adaikalaraj | 1st English Language with Creative Writing | Malaysia

Aish was channelling her inner “MILF corporate badass” with this outfit. Sophisticated and subtly sultry, her wine red velvet dress with lace neckline give off innerwear as outerwear vibes putting 2009 Taylor Momsen to rest. The silk cardigan also gives the outfit a touch of elegance.  With her pixie cut, Aish says that statement earrings are an understated way of saying “Back off, I’m beautiful today”. And we couldn’t agree more.

Dress from Something Borrowed 

Cardigan is her mom’s

Slippers are her grandma’s

Earrings are from Lovisa


Lhavanya Dharmalingam | 3rd Year International Relations | Malaysia

A casual dress is always good to own – and with a schedule like hers, you’d probably need one. Not one to plan her outfits, she admits that it would save her the trouble of going through her whole wardrobe to find one (Yes gurl, we know the struggle). When it comes to accessorising, Lhavanya thinks earrings are vital to complete and outfit, so much so she has over 50 pairs! She also says that when dressing up, she ensures that the clothes she picks out give her a nice silhouette.


Written by Jane-Menn Cheong

Ratchet pharmacist and local fashion slut.

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