Campus StyleWatch: October 2016 #9

Five weeks into the academic year (counting from when classes actually commenced), we’ve finally gotten back out on the hunt for lecture hall appropriate looks.

This week, we’ve been on the look out for comfortable casuals — because let’s face it 9am classes don’t encourage the likes of dressing up as if you’re going to the Oscars. These kids, however either have it very much together with life or just radiate ungodly amounts of charisma to be able to look this cool in  tights and sweatshirts — and so we present to you our picks for this week.


Mistika Idris | Malaysia | 1st Year International Relations with French


“I (also) find that wearing band tees are interesting conversation starters and a great way to make friends” — and we couldn’t agree more with Mistika’s Guns ‘N Roses tee paired with plain black tights. Simple and comfy with and undeniable nod to the ’90s, this grunge-esque look is elevated with bazaar found jewellery. Understated, boho, edgy, simplistic and appropriate to Malaysian weather (Amen) are just some of the words to describe her style. When deciding what to wear in the morning, Mistika says it really depends on how she feels that day and she’s sometimes even recreates looks she has seen on screen.

Top was thrifted

Tights from Leggywear

Shoes from Forever 21

Earrings & necklace from a bazaar

Adrian Tan Wai Sheng | Malaysia | 1st Year Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) |


We found Adrian seated outside the laboratory after class waiting on his friends and noticed the minimalism optimised in his outfit. Adrian takes priority in putting together outfits that ultimately make him look dapper for lessons, though function is definitely something he takes into consideration what with laboratory practicals to attend. In the topic of comfort versus fashion, he said that it would be hard to look good if you don’t feel good. Style wise, Adrian is pretty adventurous (albeit his one-tone outfit) – according to him, his style generally ranges from casual college wear to streetwear influenced outfits which he normally sports during DJ gigs and festivals. Although Anna Wintour wouldn’t particularly approve this black on black get up, we give him a 10 out of 10 keeping it casual.

Top and bottoms from H&M

Shoes from Dr. Cardin

Wong Li Yi | Malaysia | 1st Year International Communication Studies with Film and Television Studies


Influenced by the likes of Normcore and unintentionally Korean-inspired, Li Yi incorporates comfort into her everyday looks by styling basics in her own eccentric way. Functionality in check, this full-time student and dance club member says that she prioritises comfort when it comes to putting together outfits as she often stays back on-campus for dance practice. As for the process of putting together her outfits, Li Yi says that she rarely makes a mess trying on different clothes but rather recycles her clothes as most of what she owns work well together and share a similar aesthetic.

Top from SPAO

Bottoms from Padini

Shoes & Jacket from Converse

Cap from Disney


By Jane-Menn Cheong

Ratchet pharmacist and local fashion slut.

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