Campus StyleWatch: SA General Elections Hustings 2018/19

Sitting through the hustings is always an interesting feat – having candidates boldly present themselves on the podium whilst the people whisper silent judgements into their neighbour’s ear. So, we decided it’d be a good idea to have a special edition of Campus StyleWatch to commemorate the event.


Home Student Officer


Andy Tan | 2nd Year Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience | Malaysia

Andy, a Home Student Officer hopeful came dressed to impress with classic black brogues and belt from Armani exchange. He believes that you should be conscious of your outfit and always make sure you are dressed to match the occasion, particularly because it’s campaigning period. Dressing well catches people’s eyes and can give you a boost of confidence according to Andy.

Shirt and pants from Uniqlo

Shoes from Shoopen

Belt from Armani Exchange


Lavanya Sara | 2nd year Finance Accounting and Management | Malaysia

Lavanya who is a Home Student Officer candidate, opted for a modest turtle-neck. White tends to bring out her smile, therefore, making her more vibrant and confident. She doubled on that and paired her look with white sneakers. Lavanya says that often when she is comfortable with what she wears makes her more self- confident and as a result is able to better address a crowd as well as she did over hustings.

Top from Monki

Pants from Something Borrowed

Shoes from New Balance


International Student Officer

Ahmed Misbah | 1st Year Business Economics and Finance | Maldives

The first impression always matters since it could be a lasting one for most. Misbah opted for a more formal look with a subtle sprinkle of casualness hence the absence of a tie. Dressing up always gives him a boost in his confidence and on this occasion, Misbah says that it assisted in the delivery of his message to the voters.

Pants were custom tailored in the Maldives

Shoes from Off Class


Nate Ahmad | 2nd Year Psychology | Jordan

Nate came dressed more informal than most. He had the intention of being slightly laid back on the podium so as to be able to interact with the students better. This can also be reflected on his two campaign posters around campus to show that he would still be one of the students if elected.

Shirt from Giordano

Pants from Nichii

Shoes from Converse

Beanie is Twenty One Pilots merch (Whoop whoop!)


Samawiyah Ulde | 2nd Year English with Creative Writing | India

Samawiya came for the hustings dressed free and easy in an oversized blouse that was half-tucked. She loves to dress in minimalist tones, hence the pants which paired well with the flowy shirt. For a pop of colour, Samawiya added on a printed scarf which completed the outfit beautifully.

Top from Mango

Top from Mango

Pants from Marks & Spencers

Shoes from Catwalk

Scarf from Accessorize


Sustainability Officer

Ajeetpall Singh | 1st Year Education | Malaysia

Ajeet was one of the more casually dresses candidates that presented his manifesto that evening. Printed logo tee and a pair of jeans, Ajeet knew he was in for a long day, hence the outfit choice. With that said, he does agree with the notion that dressing up is important in giving off a good first impression. Though not the most formal, we applaud him for keeping it real – because let’s face it long days call for casuals.

Top from Adidas

Jeans from Levi’s

Shoes from Skechers 


Ahmed Juman Rasheedh | 1st Year Business Economics and Finance | Maldives

Juman chose his outfit to prove to the students that he’s serious about the position and that he will give his 100% if and when elected. First impressions last and so, Juman thinks it is important to dress up for occasions as such. Decked out in your minimalist formal fit, the potential Sustainability Officer definitely looks like someone we can rely on.

Top and trousers from G2000

Belt and shoes from a store in MidValley


Sports Officer

Miriyam Nadha Ibrahim | 1st Year Finance, Accounting and Management | Maldives

Nadha says that although she’s running for Sports Officer, she didn’t want to show up in her trackies and a T-shirt. Opting for a tasteful blouse with frilled sleeves and wide-legged pants, the outfit is minimalism at its finest. She also goes on to say that she’s normally dressed like this – not just for the hustings. Good on you, Nadha, good on you.

Top and trousers from Lazada

Shoes from Cotton On


Activities Officer

Sara Sidiqqi | 2nd Year Chemical and Environmental Engineering | India

Donning Dianne von Furstenberg’s iconic garment (the wrap dress) but in pants form, Sara says that this is her power outfit and we so agree. The geometric prints and monotone hues brought an element of seriousness to the fun garment. When it comes to first impressions, she believes that how you present yourself makes a big difference.

Jumpsuit from Next

Shoes from Vincci


SA Vice President

Khizer Munir | 2nd Year Chemical Engineering | Pakistan

Khizer chose to wear a proper suit as he believes the hustings are meant to be formal. We absolutely love what he wore and encourage future candidates to follow suit. Making the outfit more laid back, Khizer wor his suit without a tie and the top button undone. Confidence is something that radiates from how a person dresses, and we feel Khizer has done it with this ensemble.

Suit was tailor-made

Top from Zara

Shoes from Pedro


SA President

Lamanth Adnan | 3rd Year International Business Management | Maldives

Although Lamath could not recall where exactly his outfit was from, he could bet it was from the only two places he shops; H&M and FOS. He was significantly dressed much more casual than his opponent, and he said that he had done it unintentionally. His go-to outfits have always focused on comfort and versatility, a get-up that enables him to make impromptu plans from his classes to a dinner with friends without going back home for an outfit change. Lamath tries to avoid anything with printed designs or graphics, as his personality prefers to shy away from the limelight. However, Lamath does enjoy the occasional dressing up for a photo op with friends, and that there are some moments, he believes, appropriate to put in more effort into.


Am-Abdul Aziz | 1st Year Economics and International Economics | Malaysia

Contrastingly, Am’s presence at the venue was made visually known through his smart, put-together outfit. He was dressed in head-to-toe Zara, something he believed conveyed a message of professionalism. Having been in the working force, Am understood the importance of first impressions through fashion. Though he claims first impressions should not be the baseline for judgement, it is undeniably captivating. When asked about his knowledge of fashion, Am replied that his parents played a crucial role since he was young, being fashionable people themselves and encouraging him to dress well. Besides his parents, he noted that Tom Ford has a particular influence on his dressing and style picks. Best known for his suits, Ford’s impact on Am was evident in his choice of clothing for the night of the presidential hustings.


And that is it from us for the SA General Elections, we hope we’ve helped influence your decision on who to vote for. Until the next one, adieu.


Written by Vikki Gitata, Jane-Menn Cheong and Tania Zainuddin

Photographed by Kuan Meng Xian, Joann Chua Rou En and Anne Marie

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