Campus Voice: Nations Cup 2012 – YES, Sri Lanka ARE Worthy Winners!

I, along with many of you, read an opinion piece posted on IGNITE yesterday, questioning whether or not Sri Lanka deserved to be crowned the UNMC Nations Cup 2012 champions. Firstly, I am not representing the ISB or the Student Association, I only speak as a Sri Lankan at UNMC, and the President of the Sri Lankan Cultural Society.

It needs to be said that the message of the event “Light The Fire Within” was definitely passed to all students, and we all enjoyed an amazing week of sport at our university. It’s not fair to now turn around and criticize the organisation, and to penalize a victory in swimming, just because no other participants turned up. That is not the ISB’s fault at all.

Our nation’s team had been working hard preparing for the games since the Nations Cup was announced. We participated in almost all of the events, including Futsal, which was an unfamiliar game for the Lankans. Also, our society appointed a Sports Officer to organize the members for the events which also helped to bring out the hidden talents from our UNMC community.

To further prove my point, there were a few highlighting wins for Sri Lanka as listed below.
1. Sri Lanka winning Gold in women’s badminton, winning over Malaysia
2. Sri Lanka’s Netball Team winning silver, eliminating Malaysia
3. Sri Lanka’s Cricket Team winning Gold

I don’t wish to fully express my view on the Female Tennis Event as it is completely down to the event officials to deal with, however, a tennis game simply cannot begin with only a single player – whilst swimming can obviously go ahead.
Overall, I feel that there may have been some problems faced by the ISB ambassadors in organizing their country mates for the sports events, and this is why these issues have come about, hence I feel the ISB should consider organizing this grand event together with the established Cultural Societies for more participation and to create better competition.

We may have a community with a mere population of around 100 at UNMC, but we Sri Lankans are competitively spirited and talented enough to face any challenges ahead of us. Sri Lanka indeed deserves to be the CHAMPIONS of the Nations Cup 2012.

Munshif Munzir

"Zeal without knowledge is fire without light." - Thomas Fuller, 17th century historian


  • November 21, 2012


    Who told you that Tennis cannot be awarded Gold if only one player shows up? Tennis, even in the Olympics which this is based upon receive gold if the other side does not show up, and even if no one signed up for it. Also, you are letting your feelings of your national team get in the way of your judgement. I understand it is hard to avoid bias when speaking about your own country, but there is much more to the story than this. The is obviously a problem with the officials and I am pretty sure there is more than beat’s the eye; but hey whatever based on the rules Sri Lanka won fair and square. I am only commending the official’s decision about denying the tennis player her gold, and if that was the situation then the three Sri Lanka golds should have been denied too.

  • November 22, 2012


    It is an administration problem!
    The nations cup should not have been organised during a university assigned study week!
    OUT OF THE YEAR couldnt any other time be found

  • November 23, 2012

    Munshif Munzir

    I never claimed that the Tennis player cannot be awarded Gold, and I only clearly stated that a Tennis game cannot proceed with only a single player, but swimming can go ahead based on timings. Yes you’re agreeing with me,it’s up to the event officials to deal with it. I wrote this only to explain why Sri Lanka deserved to be the champions. And thank you very much, yes Sri Lanka won it fair and square 🙂 @Anon.. you’re quite right, I got to agree with you 🙂