Candidates for the 2016-17 SA Elections

The hustings for this year’s SA Elections will be held from 28-30th March! Here are all the candidates running for the 8 SA Office positions this year, in case you’re having trouble keeping track of all of them:


Presidential Candidates

Ahmed Wael


Linur Chubaev


Saleh Shadman


Vice-President Candidates

Hassan Irshad


Jason Ong


Activities Officer Candidates

Dharshan Ryan


Hasan Hussain 



Education Officer Candidates

Tormalli V Francis



Home Students Officer Candidates


Celine Lim


Sasha Amira


Terence Then



International Students Officer Candidates

Javed Ayoob Khan


Marwa Abbas Saleh

Mohannad Eslam Shahin (Dinho)


Muhammad Nauman Alam Khan


Sheryar Nawaz Khan


Sports Officer Candidates


Andy Tan


Indraa Arasu


Sustainability Officer Candidates

Aishath Uraiba Asif


Pranav Rawlani


Tauha Abdur Rehman Jilani


Tavish Kumar Bharvani


Editor’s Note: Links to the individual candidate Facebook pages can be found above. All manifestos can be found here.

Hustings will be held according to the schedule below:

Dates: 28, 29 and 30 March 2016
Start time: 7 pm
Venue: F1A15 on Monday and Wednesday. F1A13 on Tuesday
Time per candidate: 5 min for all except presidential candidates
Time for Q and A: 5 min or until there are no questions left on the floor


Monday, 28 March 2016
Tormalli V Francis (Torm) – Education Officer

Terence Then – Home Students’ Officer
Celine Lim – Home Students’ Officer
Sasha Amira – Home Students’ Officer

Muhd. Nauman Alam Khan – International Students’ Officer
Marwa Abbas Saleh – International Students’ Officer
Mohannad Eslam Shahin (Dinho) – International Students’ Officer
Javed Ayoob Khan – International Students’ Officer
Sheryar Nawaz Khan – International Students’ Officer


Tuesday, 29 March 2016
Aishath Uraiba Asif – Sustainability Officer
Pranav Rawlani – Sustainability Officer
Tauha Abdur Rehman Jilani – Sustainability Officer
Tavish Kumar Bharvani – Sustainability Officer

Andy Tan – Sports Officer
Indraa Arasu – Sports Officer

Hasan Faiyaz Hussain (Deadpool) – Activities Officer
Dharshan Ryan (Ducky) – Activities Officer


Wednesday, 30 March 2016
Hassan Irshad – Vice President
Jason Ong – Vice President

Linur Chubaev – President
Ahmed Wael – President
Saleh Shadman – President


Make the right voting decisions, UNMC!

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