The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards

Another year on, and the Grammy’s are upon us once again. This year’s 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards will be on the 8th of February….

The Sound of Reznor and Ross

Regardless of whether you enjoyed watching The Social Network or not when it came out in 2010, it is undeniable that the score for…

Spotlight: Discovering New Talent

Here in the Jungle, Spotlight, an event that showcases new talent, is a long standing tradition. With Music Society, the giants of the clubs…

Join the family!

Hello! I am the editor of Ignite’s music column, for 2014/2015, and it is a pleasure to meet you (or rather, you reading this)….

Party Safe!

The cancellation of the third day of Future Music Festival Asia 2014 disappointed many. Besides that, Tiesto cancelled his show in Caracas due to…