A Christmas Adventure into Different Genres

As Christmas becomes an occasion widely celebrated and enjoyed, artists and musicians from various cultures and genres also took part in producing tracks that are just as widely dispersed. So check out these tracks that might or might not be the usual Christmas-themed tunes that you’ve listened before!


POP: Ariana Grande – “Winter Things”

With its light-hearted and soothing beat, the song tells us that even though there isn’t winter where you’re at (eg: Malaysia) you can still carry out some winter-esque activities to maximise the winter/Christmas experience. The most important thing is having people whom you love and care for around you for you to be able to fully enjoy and share the happiness throughout this jolly season.


R&B: Taeyeon – “Christmas Without You”

This is for those who are missing someone over this festive season. With Christmas essentially being about celebration with our loved ones, this song conveys a bittersweet feeling of missing someone who isn’t around anymore with you during this season. It reminds us of how time passes by and that the season would still inevitably arrive, bringing back memories that you’ve shared with the other person.


ROCK: Tommy Heavenly6 – “I♥XMAS”

Another bittersweet song, the slow rock melody of this track conveys the strong feelings of wanting to see someone that you hold dearly in your heart during Christmas. It gives the reassurance that the certain someone remains your strength and support despite the distance and separation.


JAZZ: Ella Fitzgerald – “Good Morning Blues”

This jazz track which was released in 1960 still remains an enjoyable song which brings out the more exciting side of the jolly season. With the singer’s alluring voice accompanied by the equally alluring sounds, the song exudes an ample touch of chill yet cheeky atmosphere that would definitely amplify the Christmas jolliness.

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaFKnf69IH4


HIP-HOP: Run-D.M.C. – “Christmas in Hollis”


Unlike our usual carols, the group presented a rather refreshing take by incorporating groovy hip hop beats with the gentle jingle bells into this original Christmas track. As they rap about their accidental meeting with Santa on the street (we’ll never know if this is fictional or not) and the meal that their mom had prepared for Christmas, it is definitely a song you can jam and party to without feeling too overwhelmed by its unconventional approach.


With these different sounds that share the similar purpose of celebration, we hope you’ll enjoy them, and wishing everyone a joyful and fulfilling Christmas!


By Lum Bao Yi

Featured image: sirenonline.co.uk

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