Closet Confessions: The Ferris Wheel of Personal Style

“Style is a story with many chapters of its own told every day differently through the outfits of an individual”.

Ever wondered why you used to love a top so much but now you just go “WHAT WAS I EVEN THINKING?” or why you never used to wear earrings and now you can’t go out without any on? There is a reason why you like the clothes or accessories that you pick off the racks and that’s because your style is coming through. Style is ever evolving and change is inevitable. Sometimes an individual can acquire the same taste of a certain style for the rest of their lives; while others find change, which requires the need for wardrobe revamping.

A lot of people say that now (in university) is when we find ourselves. This obviously enough, applies to personal style as well. Style evolves only because there hasn’t been another time whereby our clothes become a medium of self-expression.

I grew up having my clothing choices pre-determined by my mother and her sense of style; and in school, it was half a day in dull uniforms and the other half a discovery of my style which still required parental approval.

Today, I get to choose what I want to wear and when I want to wear it. My dad still asks me to this day, “Why can’t you just wear a T-shirt and jeans to class? Why must you go through the trouble of waking an hour early, to choose ten outfits, only to go back to the first one? Why do you need to take another 20 minutes to settle on a pair of earrings? And what’s the point of coming home after a long day just to hand-wash that outfit you picked out?”. My answer: “’Cause it’s ma style, dad”.

It honestly can be very scary at times because of the hand-holding on the matter since I was young; being thrown into society and the world of trends, it’s hard to even know what is right or wrong and most importantly, what you like.

It all boils down to experimenting and experience. I’m no fashion guru. Though, as someone who has experienced multiple style dilemmas, I can say that I far from being able to define my style as one thing. Honestly, there is nothing more frightening than waking up and not knowing who you are when you look in the mirror and often that feeling is rooted in how we express ourselves through clothing. Sometimes, it takes only one outfit idea for me to walk out my door.  But on other days, maybe a fifteen-time swap and a horrendous mess are necessary – just so I can feed off the satisfaction of feeling myself through the layers of my clothing, right down to my lingerie.

Style doesn’t really fit into a genre. I would define style as a reflection of your personality through what you wear. When you leave the house without having to change – that’s when you know you’re exuding the best version of yourself. Though how often do those days really come if you’re not even sure if what’s in the closet is even you?

I know that at this stage of the article everything I say is being rebutted negatively but I’m getting there. Style is like falling in love. It’s a gamble and a risk. You throw the dice multiple times, till you find something that fits your personality and that you’re comfortable with. That is when you know you’ve found it.

Personal style is a very peculiar thing – both scary and exciting – but I guess that’s the journey towards finding one’s true style.  In the end, there is no good or bad style, there’s just you and the story you have to tell. Though I do want to put it out there, a tragedy would be having no style at all (not good or bad style) because how else would you appeal to others in a first impression without words.


Written by Anussya Jayasimham

Ratchet pharmacist and local fashion slut.

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