Confessions of a Serial Shopper

Fashion, you wreck me and revive me at the same time. Guilty as charged! I AM A SHOPAHOLIC. Every time I walk into a store my heart lights up with joy and my wallet cries out in fear. Drama overload, eh? Read on for more about my usual retail therapy routine .

Holding the perfect pair of shoes in your hands might as well be the best feeling there is, all those thoughts of your dad getting your credit card bills vanish! For in that moment, it is just you and those beauties. You visualize all the perfect times that you’ll spend together, all the compliments that you’ll get, how good it would look against that perfect LBD that you just spotted in that other store. You walk over to the billing counter feeling like the queen of the world, flash a winning smile towards the cute salesman. Say a word or two about the collection this season. And then he bills them, RM500, your heart starts beating faster, your brain finally reacts and tries to reason but your heart is not listening. ‘Daddy would understand, I can live on Maggi for a month, oh I don’t need to buy those books for revision, I can just borrow them from someone.’ And your brain gives in. you carry those glorious shoes out of the store feeling so guilty about it that you are just about to go back to return them. That’s when you spot the dress that goes perfectly with the shoes and paramparamparaaa, the scene repeats.

I’m sure most of you girls, and some guys (gender equality ftw) have been through similar situations if not this exaggerated. SO, why do we shop so much? Why are we slaves to the material side of life. One word: retail therapy. Some of you might balk at this and say that retail therapy is just an excuse women use to justify their need to shop but no, I feel shopping really does help make you feel better and helps relieve so much stress. For those who say, money can’t buy happiness don’t know where to shop. And if not shopping, then I would spend most of my time looking at blogs, going through online shops and putting together looks in my head. Sound cliché and shallow but as Rebecca Bloomwood would put it “because when I shop the world seems like a better place”. Cue song ‘Livin’ in a material world and I am a material girl.’


"Zeal without knowledge is fire without light." - Thomas Fuller, 17th century historian

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