With the celebration of Chinese New Year, we welcome the year of the dog in 2018. There are a few facts that were unknown and less popular about this celebration…


#1 Bright and vibrant outfits only.

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It is a tradition that on the New Year celebration day, you are supposed to wear bright colors like reds and golds. Colours like black are likely to be avoided unless an immediate family had passed away on the same year.


#2 The largest usage of fireworks each year.

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The fireworks are an essential part of the celebration where all families are going to light up the fireworks to scare away the evil spirit. The usage of the fireworks is the biggest in the world per year since the Chinese New Year is one of the most celebrated festival in the world.


#3 Early marriage is better, if not compulsory.

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Man, of the age of 32 and woman who turned 30 are going to start hearing nags from their older members of the family urging them to get married if they haven’t. This has lead to new businesses such as a boyfriend/girlfriend rental business in China to please the relatives!


#4 Everyone’s age increases at the same time.

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On the seventh day of celebration which is called Renri, it is considered the day all human beings were created. So, everyone turns a year older on this day! It is somewhat like a national birthday.


#5 Lanterns were released on the last day.

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On the fifteenth day of the new year, paper lanterns of all shapes and sizes are released to the sky as a symbolization of letting go of the old you to welcome the new you. This day is called the Cap Goh Mei (or the Lantern Festival).


#6 Gambling time!

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Huat ah! Chinese New Year has always been the golden time for gambling in most Chinese families, where family members (young and old) will bet generously to test their luck!


Written by Khairina binti Khairul Nizam

Featured image taken from freepik.com

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