Creep? Not Necessarily

Two decades ago, a boy could throw rocks at the outside of a girl’s window to wake her from her slumber. It was a way of grabbing her attention, and sometimes a cue for the girl to sneak out her bedroom window and join the posturing Romeo. If that same scenario were to occur today, however, the police would be on the scene in a matter of minutes and that same boy would be labelled a stalker, a psycho and most definitely, a ‘creep’.

‘Creep’ is a necessary term because there are plenty of specimens that fit the mould. Those who pry, spy, act and speak without transparency and display over-persistent tendencies are well deserving of the ‘creep’ moniker.

Yet the term has evolved past its once narrow boundaries and no longer just includes the man staring at you from 30 feet across the park as you toss a Frisbee with your girlfriends. It’s routinely used by women to describe virtually any male that makes a pass at them that they choose not to reciprocate. For a man to compliment a woman is no longer viewed as charming but instead is declared a warning sign that this man may have intentions that extend beyond friendship. For a man to wink at a woman from across the class no longer causes women to blush but causes her to respond with a snarly glare.

Online dating increases in popularity every year because women wish to meet someone in a controlled environment and because they claim it is difficult to meet someone in what can only be described as real life. So rather than be spontaneous, approach a potential mate and put one’s ego on the line, females would prefer to visit an online dating site that is essentially a human shopping network. All that they need to do is to present the best possible image of themselves, (similar to how Amazon would choose a flattering picture of a brand-new set of cutlery,) list all of their best qualities and interests, (similar to how Home Depot would name all of the benefits of owning a new power drill) and then find someone that is pleasant to only the eyes. It is wonderful that the person one can view from their desktop appears handsome or beautiful, even though one can’t detect true wit or comedic delivery, nor can they determine if someone is savvy enough to participate in a half-intelligent conversation. Online dating is a net where “creeps” or perhaps a regular gentleman can still penetrate, but only via inbox and not in any sort of everyday scenario where men and women met 20 years ago.

The male shopping market is stocked with creeps. But when did women become such lazy shoppers? Rather than flip through the racks and dig for good deals, they have decided that the market’s selection is dangerous and intrusive. In today’s world, any male they wish to encounter can be found by virtual means, thereby denying “creeps” of any unwarranted attention and unfortunately denying most men of any chance whatsoever.

Over the years, the definition of love has changed and it has become merely a trend in life. Gestures of love such as love letters, roses and throwing stones into a girls window to catch her attention have now been termed as unacceptable and indecent behaviour. Such a gesture that was once considered to be a sign of budding love is now termed as cheap behaviour by today’s women, who love to flaunt themselves as decent and hate to associate themselves with the so called ‘perverts’. The women today believe in social media and technology as a pathway to falling in love and completely disregard men having to approach them personally.

Nevertheless, the term creep definitely hurts to those men who don’t intend to be a ‘creep’ but genuinely want to express their feelings. They are confused about which act of theirs’ would be appropriate to and pleasing to the ladies and which one would make them appear as a ‘creep’. By refusing to believe that not all men are perverted specimens women are only losing out on the opportunity to get to know these men. Women consistently complain about the lack of chivalry in today’s world, but it is not men that have killed it. It is women who are the culprits because they refuse to believe that not all strange men are perverted scoundrels.

Arushi Gupta

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