CS SPOTLIGHT: Society of Fine Arts

IGNITE’s CS SPOTLIGHT series aims to showcase all of UNMC’s Clubs and Societies in comprehensive detail and vivid color. If you ever dreamed of being a painter or sculptor, this brand new CS might be for you:



For the Artsy at Heart



S.O.F.A? What is S.O.F.A? (Hint: we do not sell couches).

We are the Society of Fine Arts, of course!

Do you passionately draw and paint for pleasure? Or do you simply appreciate and love art? Either way, this is the society for you!

As the newly-founded Society of Fine Arts, we aim to provide a platform for creative expression through art among the UNMC community; students can showcase their talents and artistic skills individually or in groups. This is certainly a space for like-minded people to get together and learn from one another. We highly encourage the appreciation for the practice of fine arts in various aspects and mediums, in terms of local, international, historical and contemporary arts. Besides this, we wish to cultivate in students an artistic outlook in everyday life and help them discover art as a way of thinking and living. In addition, we serve as a medium for students to relieve tension and channel emotions through the form of art. Ultimately, we hope to have art-related charitable events in order to reach out to those in need within our society.



Throughout this academic year, we are going to have the following activities/events:

  • Workshops: We will be organising workshops, ranging from watercolour painting workshops to Van Gogh inspired art sessions. Join in the fun and meet your fellow artists!
  • Gallery trips: Malaysia is blessed with amazing art galleries and we hope to set foot on them. You are invited to tag along!
  • Art exhibitions: Fancy showcasing your artworks and witness the excellence of fellow artists? Come along to our art exhibition!


Feel free to come over to our booth during the CS Fair and sign up to be a member! Do also check out our Facebook page for more news and updates!


By Tiffany Tham,

2015-16 Secretary,

Society of Fine Arts


Image credit: Red Jungle Fowl by Jaafar Taib. 

"Zeal without knowledge is fire without light." - Thomas Fuller, 17th century historian

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