Dancing With Your Demons

People in this world can be so blind.

They choose the wrong path, mingle with the wrong kind;

Like those who commit every sin and embrace every crime;

Despise the weak ones and annihilate their minds.

What the wicked do to the kind: use them as toys in their games,

Dare your hearts remain pure, they’ll drive you insane.

Do you feel Fear children of Adam? For I know that you’re scared,

Within your soul, beneath that confidence, your daemons dance bare.

As you were caressing yourself in the world’s rewards, you enveloped yourself in vanity:

Chose to laugh at those who cried, chose to sell your sanity.

Realize now, before it is too late,

Before a wave of your sins lead you to a grave fate,

Before the tears of those you injured become a rain of fire,

Before you forget and lose those who truly love, just to satisfy your desire –

Remove these black shades that hide you from reality,

Don’t dance with the devil, don’t play with lethality.


Zainab Arshed

Image courtesy of amazinaws.com

"Zeal without knowledge is fire without light." - Thomas Fuller, 17th century historian

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