Day In The Style Of: Sheena Baharudin

UNMC has a rather well-known fashion scene – we see students dressed in a variety of styles, forming a fashion culture in the society that is our campus. Less frequently discussed, however, is what the staff of UNMC have contributed to our fashion ecosystem. On this episode of Day In the Style Of, we take a look at university corporate style, through the eyes of Sheena Baharudin.

A Postgraduate student, who teaches in the School of English, she founded Numinous, a multidisciplinary platform for emerging artists. She has also published several poetry books and has a great passion for spoken word poetry.

I’ve been attending Sheena’s lectures since foundation year, and most of my classmates would wait eagerly to see her walk into class (along with her signature ‘coffee-in-hand’). Sincere gasps of awe would be heard as she entered the room, usually accompanied by compliments along the lines of, “My goodness, I LOVE her style!”. Yeah, she’s that cool lecturer everyone wished they had.

With online fashion quizzes labelling her style as boho-chic, she begs to differ, stating that her wardrobe is somewhat minimalistic – having adopted a capsule wardrobe a few years ago and rotating between the pieces that she likes.

If I have nothing to wear, there is always the ever reliable baju kurung to fall back to.


To her, fashion means to balance aesthetics with function. Drawing her style from both international and local icons (her top 5: @iris.apfel, @magieabangsufi, @hayvkahraman, @shirin_neshat, Frida Kahlo), she says that she really admires individuals who have a clear sense of identity and can translate that into what they wear.

When asked if she considers herself as a trendsetter, she denies this and says that she’s far from anything like that. Though I think all my classmates will agree with me saying, ‘Ms. Sheena, you ARE truly a fashionista!’, and she has definitely set the bar for the Best Dressed Lecturer Award.

Outfit details

Outfit #1

Top from H&M

Batik pants bought from Yogyakarta.


Outfit #2

Cardigan from Cotton On

Dress from Nichii


Outfit #3

Red bowl hat from a flea market in Damansara

Top from B.O.B. by Afdlin Shauki

Jean leggings from Uniqlo


All outfits

Her only bag from Tumi

Coffee from God. Haha.

Shoes from one of those lesser-known brands in Parkson


Written by Andrew Ng

Ratchet pharmacist and local fashion slut.

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