Day In The Style Of: Ma RuiXian (Antalya)

In this semester’s edition of Day In The Style Of we feature one of UNMC’s own students –  Antalya. She is a first-year student studying International Communication Studies in Film and Television from China. With her photography and filmography as her hobbies, it is no wonder she holds the position as the executive producer of Nottingham TV. They have recently started an exciting YouTube series called Fashion Based Idea and you can find their first episode here.



Antalya loves earthy and neutral tones. She says that they complement her skin tone well. Though, on occasion, she enjoys playing around with some colour. This shown off well in her first outfit, where she effortlessly puts together earthy hues. She topped off the look with a white parka jacket, making it more vibrant if not to ward off the lecture hall winters. The jacket is also long hence accentuating her height which she always aims to do.

Special shout-out to the choker for bringing the whole outfit together.



Most of her outfits depend on her mood. When asked about her style inspirations, Antalya says that she gets it from what’s around her – from mannequins to magazines to people on the streets. She also gets inspiration from supermodel Liu Wen who manages to make even the most casual looks look extra AF. You can honestly wear mom jeans with anything from slides to sneakers, and this second outfit brings truth to that statement.



On busy days, Antalya opts to wear skirts or dresses because of their simplicity. In one swoop you are fully dressed and off to class! Aside from that, she has a simple makeup routine that she abides by. On days when she doesn’t however, she simply goes for a bold lip shade or good ‘ol lip-gloss. When asked about her style, she says that she has no set aesthetic but loves layering her outfits. This allows her to stay modest while also being stylish.


Outfit details:


Outfit #1

Top, pants, scarf and parka jacket from Uniqlo

Slides from Puma

Bag from Toms

Choker from Forever 21


Outfit #2

Top from Taobao

Jacket from H&M

Jeans from Uniqlo


Outfit #3

Skirt and Top from Uniqlo


Written by Vikki Gitata




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