Day In The Style Of: Sasha Amira

When I met Sasha in my foundation year, I thought “Whoa, her name is fierce as heck…” and like Sasha Fierce herself (all hail Queen Bey), Sasha is not short of attitude herself. Hustlin’ all day everyday – what with being our SA Home Students’ Officer, a part-time Zumba instructor, freelance dancer, kindie teacher and student (say that in one breath, I dare you) –we decided that it was a sin not to have her as one of our muses for this series.


So, how does Sasha keep up with being Sasha? Well, most of what keeps her going and up to speed with her never ending to-do list is time management – something a lot of us ought to learn. She also goes on to say that staying positive and motivated are what helps with juggling her very hectic schedule.


Having started dancing in her living room at the tender age of 4, Sasha has had experience in a variety of dance styles which include ballet, modern jazz, tap and even Bharatanatyam. She says that dance has definitely contributed to the confidence she exudes in her style today. Spontaneous and effervescent, she draws inspiration for her style from her mother as most of the clothes in her wardrobe are hand-me-downs. As for her stylistic confidence, she says she owes it all to Beyoncé. She also prides herself in being thrifting most of her clothes.


Being confident is definitely something that is nurtured and like all of us, Sasha shares that she has had her fair share of body image issues. Having grown up in as being the odd one out in her circle of friends and being bullied for looking chubby, short and for her tan complexion. Succumbing to society’s beauty standards, she tried to change herself to ‘fit in’. Though one day she thought to herself, “Who was I doing this for?” and she started reevaluating her views on body image – focusing on herself and what made her happy.


At some point of my life, I started asking “Who I was doing this for?” It was not for myself definitely, because being unable to play out in the sun freely and eating as many maggi packets as I wanted to, was not enjoyable. I realised so many girls around me were doing the same – yet none of us were happy, we simply wanted to be accepted by society. Something in me clicked and I began reevaluating my views on my body image. So what if I do not look like those girls? So what, if I was different?”


Being the inspirational human being that she is, we asked her for a little wisdom on how to deal with the ever prominent issue of body image and here’s what she had to say:

“Skinny, curvy, fair, dark. Whatever size or colour you may be, hold that head up high and be confident with yourself and what you wear. Embrace your complications, see your flaws, and the true beauty and strength that lies inside of you. As I quote Beyoncé, “having a presence is far more than the clothes you wear and your physical beauty”. Looking a certain way does not make you sexy, being confident does. So slay, ladies.”


Outfit details:


Dress from Forever 21

Choker was thrifted


Sports bra from Forever 21

Pants from Tesco

Jacket from DEES

Shoes were thrifted


Faux leather jacket from Forever 21

Top, pants and shoes were thrifted


Top from Nichii

Pants from Uniqlo

Shoes were thrifted


By Jane-Menn Cheong

Photography by Malik Hisyam

Model: Sasha Amira (Instagram: @sashaknowles)

Ratchet pharmacist and local fashion slut.

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