Day In The Style Of: Lum Bao Yi


UNMC is renowned for its vibrant student life so much so, it’s as if there’s an event going on every day. If you frequent the dance studio corridor, you would have witnessed the countless dance sessions held by the Nottingham Dance Club (NDC) members *cues stylish dancewear montage*. Returning with another episode of ‘Day in the Style of’ – this time we had the chance to get up close and personal with the 2017/18 NDC President, Lum Bao Yi.


I noticed Bao Yi when I was walking past the corridor on my way to the UG Leisure Room. Dressed exceptionally, one would immediately acknowledge her strong fashion game. At first, I found it difficult to approach her for previous style articles (’cause she’s just so cool!), but after a friend of mine put us in touch, I realised that she’s really friendly and down-to-earth.


So, what’s the story behind Bao Yi’s sense of style?

She says that she gets inspiration from the minimalism in Korean and Japanese fashion and fancies local fashion labels like Pestle and Mortar. Bao Yi also observes what her friends wear and the people around her. She then tries them out herself, even if they deviate from current fashion norms. This trial-and-error process has helped form her own sense of fashion, as well as courage to try new pieces or combinations. I personally find this truly an admirable quality.


When asked about how she picks out her outfits, Bao Yi says she plans her outfits out for a week. She comes up with a template in which she can mix and match depending on the weather, her activities that day, or what she feels like wearing that day. If she knows she’s going to face the subzero temperatures of classroom climate, she brings with her something that would keep her warm. Similarly, if she has dance practice then she would change into something more comfortable so she can dish out her dance moves.


I was curious to know how Bao Yi handles the expectations people have of her to always be dressed up. Whilst expressing how cliché her words might sound, she says that sees fashion as an avenue self-expression and a window to her personality. So, the expectations don’t bug her, because to her, fashion is something that is fun, and she makes sure that she’s comfortable in what she wears. Bao Yi says that she sometimes even wears pieces that aren’t trendy, breaking away from the expectations that others might have on her.

“Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of clothes and fashion because in the end, it’s about expressing yourself and having fun.”


Outfit details

Outfit #1

Shirt from Milktee

Culottes from Zara

Sandals from Daphne


Outfit #2

Jacket from street shop

Tee from Uniqlo

Shorts from Uniqlo

Socks from MONKI

Sneakers from Adidas


Outfit #3

Denim jacket from H&M

Crop top from Aeon

Slacks from SPAO

Sandals from Daphne


Outfit #4

Hoodie from H&M

Shorts from H&M

Socks from MONKI

Sneakers from Adidas


By Andrew Ng 









Photography by Justyn Lee (Instagram: @justynpenguin)

Model: Lum Bao Yi (Instagram: @clby96)

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