Dine In The Dark Charity Event 2016


SEMENYIH: On the 30th of November and the 1st of December, a group of 25 students from the Foundation in Engineering organised the Dine in the Dark charity event at the Outdoor Cafeteria, from 6pm to 9pm, mainly to raise awareness of the blind amongst the UNMC community.

The ticket price was set at RM20 for early birds, and RM25 for the rest. Initially there were low expectations; however, the group was surprised by the rewarding outcome, as a total of 270 UNMC students showed their support for the event. Remarkably, the group successfully raised RM2000, which will all be donated to the NCBM.

 In particular, the committee planned to deliver a meaningful dinner experience to UNMC students under a blindfolded circumstance by incorporating the “Dining in the Dark – Kuala Lumpur” concept, together with the aim of raising funds for the National Council for the Blind, Malaysia (NCBM), .

Dine in the dark

A committee member helped a blindfolded diner with the cutlery.

The menu of the event was a three-course meal – comprising of a starter, the main dish and dessert. For the starter, a plate of salad with bread was served alongside vinegar-oil dip. The main dish was a substantial plate of spaghetti with chicken chop, a portion of grilled mushroom as well as fried grilled potato slices. The dessert was a piece of cookie for each participant.

dine in the dark

The main dish was a substantial plate of spaghetti with chicken chop, a portion of grilled mushroom as well as fried grilled potato slices.

All participants were required to blindfold themselves before eating. Having been denied vision, the outcome of participants dining was what the committee expected. The diners were inaccurate in using forks on the chicken spaghetti, let alone consuming the plate of salad. A great number of students was frustrated, as one of the lot put it:


“We can not continue to be blindfolded because we are so hungry.”


Also, another one contended:


“They should have sliced the chicken chop into pieces.”

The leader of the committee, Douglas Chin, was content with the outcome of their project, stating that they did not expect to receive such a response, covering almost the entire Outdoor Cafeteria.

dine inthe dark

Participants as they flooded the outdoor cafeteria

Interestingly, the committee members collaborated with the chef of the Western Stall of the cafeteria. Not to be neglected, according to the committee, the chef indirectly sponsored the charity event by notably reducing the actual food price.

dine in the dark

The committee of 25 students from the Foundation in Engineering.

Douglas Chin also stressed the importance of the charity event to the blind in Malaysia, as he shared:

“We are fortunate to have our perfect sight with us, but we tend to forget the unfortunate members of society. This event can serve as an opportunity to help the students remember them.”


Truly, the spirit of this group of students should be remembered, as the big community of UNMC could take this charitable work as another reminder that many in society do require help.



By Teoh Sing Fei

Photographs by Cheok Wei Jen

"They say that great minds think alike, but also fools seldom differ"

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