Dodgeball Clinic 2017

On the 27th November 2017, the University’s dodgeball club a.k.a Nottingham Wolves held an event called the Dodgeball Clinic. It was a one-day event open to all current students of the University of Nottingham . Its main objective was to introduce the sport to more people, but this event also served as a way to relieve the stress that all the students were facing due to the amount of assignments.

From left Tan Ning, Bong Jiang Chier, Renuka, Ng Kuan Sheng (President of Nottingham Wolves)

First of all 50 participants were split up into 7 teams of six or seven at 6 pm sharp. Each team was a balanced mix of veterans, experienced players, beginners and amateurs. The distribution of the team members was predetermined by the organizing committee after the registration closed.

Players throwing the ball

Initially, each team was given an hour to introduce themselves with their respective teammates and the sport itself for the first-timers. Furthermore, they also had time to devise their own strategy and run a few drills.All the players were given a chance to warm-up in a short and fun 5-minute game where they threw the balls at each other.


A round-robin tournament kicked off the competition whereby each team played 6 games. The round-robin games were played with a time period of 7 minutes and no sudden death. The rule was that when 7 minutes would run out, the team with the most number of players would get a point.

Intense match during Dodgeball Clinic

As a conclusion to the round-robin session, total points of the teams were calculated and the teams who were in the top places moved on to the semi-finals. The remaining teams had to play for the remaining three spots in the semi-finals.

Semi-finals and Finals

For the semi-finals and finals, sudden death was reinstated and a 2-minute tiebreaker was included when needed. It was especially relevant to intensify the games. By this time, most of the participants were fatigued and drenched in sweat, but excitement was quite visible in their eyes.

The tournament finally ended as the sports complex was about to close its doors for the day. Medals were given out on the same day to the top 3 teams and Most-Valued-Player of each gender.

“The event was successful, thanks to all the hard work of the entire organizing committee. All the participants looked like they had fun. Hopefully they all enjoyed themselves.”

Lee Jia Ren, the Organizing Chairman of the Dodgeball Clinic 2017

“It was my first dodgeball tournament, I really did not expect to become an MVP for this dodgeball tournament. Of course, I was delighted and surprised the moment when they announced the female MVP for this dodgeball tournament. Besides, I was really fortunate to be assigned to “Team Nik” [Team 3], otherwise, I wouldn’t have made it to the 2nd place without my awesome teammates. It was a wonderful experience for me after all. ”

Tan Ning, the female MVP of the competition


First Place: Team 2


Second place: Team 3


Third place: Team 4


Nottingham Wolves meet Devil Dukes

The commitment of Nottingham Wolves was most noteworthy as two days after the Dodgeball Clinic, they had a game against University College Sedaya International (UCSI) Dodgeball Club a.k.a Devil Dukes. On 29th November, the Devil Dukes came over to UNMC to have a training session and a friendly which was two and a half hours long. The bond between these two teams strengthened due to the fruitful session.

Nottingham Wolves and Devil Dukes


Written by: Bervyn Tan Qin Chuyan

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