Dota 2 Amateur Tournament: Stand Out and Game On!

“Dota 2 Amateur Tournament” – A game competition sponsored by Mountain Dew and Youthstoday, in collaboration with UNMC Gaming Society along with the support of Connecti5 UNMC, was held from 26 to 28 October 2015, at the Gaming Room, H1B18.

The Dew Challenge is a platform that allows aspiring amateur gamers to experience and achieve winning ambitions, by taking a step into the future of E-sports. The competition consists of participants from 16 different regional and selected universities in Malaysia. In the narrower scope of the university level’s tournament, the top teams from each qualifier round will proceed to the group stage and face the other 15 universities’ teams.

The UNMC Gaming Society admin team were responsible for technical management of the event, while Connecti5 handled the recruitment of the eight teams (5 members each). The final match on the last day of the tournament commenced at 7.30 pm, with the two qualifying teams, AFK and Turtle & Friends, competing against each other from separate rooms.

Ignite had the chance to find out more about the efficiency, teamwork and skillset of both finalist teams during the Q/A session before the final match.


Team 1: Turtle & Friends

Q: How did you train for tonight’s tournament?

A: Since we joined last year’s game tournament, “Game Plan” that was organized by UNMC Gaming Society, we gained experience and maintained it by group training during the weekends.

Q: Since when have you been interested in Dota 2?

A: We are casual gamers of Dota and joining E-sports has been an undisclosed dream. It’s the time now to make it a reality.

Q: How did you form your group & come up with the name?

A: My handle/online alias name is Turtle and when my friends were recruited in the team, the only idea I had in mind at that moment was ‘Turtle and Friends’.

Q: Any advice/tips for those who are interested in joining E-sports?

A: We’d like to disclaim that we’re not full professional players ourselves, rather semi-casual players trying to push our limits at the game. It’s imperative that we prioritize our  studies as students.


Team 2: AFK

Q: How did you train for tonight’s tournament?

A: We didn’t really train much as a team due to different schedules. Prior to today, I hadn’t played for a month due to my FYP. I was also planning to quit but decided for my friends sake, why not join them for one last time before I graduate. Plus the skills needed for this tournament was not that high, compared to last year’s tournament (Game for Change).

Q: Any words to describe your feelings at this moment?

A: Nothing much except serious revenge because for the past 3 tournament, we met them (Turtle & Friends) in final match, and we lost without winning, eight times in a row! And there is no prize for second place.

Q: Any advice/tips for those who interested in joining E-sports?

A: If you are new to Dota, especially around this age (university level), don’t even try to join E-sports. Focus on your studies instead, since online gaming takes up time to build up the skills and it can be really addictive!


Connecti5 UNMC, guided by the aim of enrich their members with event management skills, have established influential connections with companies outside, including Mountain Dew. Due to the lack of access to proper equipment, software, peripherals and familiarity with the T&C of the game, they decided to collaborate with the UNMC Gaming Society to handle the event logistics. Sponsorship money of RM 1500 was provided by Dew Challenge for the marketing and logistic purposes. It’s great to note that through the issues and obstacles, the UNMC team handled the event professionally throughout the  week.

The tournament ended with Turtle & Friends conquering the night with a best of three games. The game ended around 9 pm with killscores of (36-9) and (18-38) in favor of Turtle & Friends.


The Winning Team: Turtle & Friends

Practicing online in a pre-scheduled bootcamp after examination and coursework deadlines will be their strategy for the upcoming tournament, when they will be competing with 15 of the other qualifying teams. They left the gaming room with these words of wisdom:

If you’ve ever heard of survivor bias – a bias where only samples of successful stories are considered, completely ignoring the countless cases where individuals have failed to accomplish said goal – this is a real issue here with E-sports / competitive gaming. For every professional player on the podium today, there might be countless others who have tried and failed. You have to fall before you can rise.


Winning heroes lineup:

Game 1: Queen of Pain, Witch Doctor, Undying, Night Stalker and Alchemist. (Recent Dota 2 Version 6.85 allows the hero, Alchemist, to pool an item that innately buffs his allied heroes. The 4 other heroes on this lineup, benefit from the pooling of said item, Aghanim Scepter, thus optimizing the Alchemist pick.)

Game 2: Juggernaut, Bane, Winter Wyvern, Magnus and Night Stalker

We pretty much winged game 2, picking comfort heroes as we went. Pressure, if there were any previously, was non-existent come game 2.

 -Turtle & Friends


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