Eight Hundred and Eighty Days

Day 1
A short glance;
The first time these eyes were set on you.
They didn’t think much;
Oh, if only they knew –

Day 81
“Turn around,” I heard you say.
Sigh, what is he up to now?
I heard you laugh then told you to go away.
You didn’t. Oh, what an idiot.

Day 177
It was three o’clock in the morning
And I could hear my heart shatter
What is this unfathomable feeling?
I would only find out later.

Day 306
Five words; one sentence.
That was all it took.
I wanted to cry but I didn’t.
I pretended to have not looked.

Day 408
I chanced upon a meeting
And couldn’t help but laugh
And though I could feel my heart breaking
I was too amused to pick the pieces up.

Day 470
You told me it was over
I didn’t know if I was happy or sad
But you seemed fine and I knew
I knew I was glad.

Day 513
It was the end of our time
– And I didn’t want to go
But time would only grant so much
I can only wish we were given more.

Day 559
You poured your heart out to me
As it was nearing dawn
And though I was glad of the comfort you had
I wished you knew my heart was yours all along.

Day 806
I finally gathered the courage to speak
Though your heart was already with another
You were very kind to me and I thank you for it
But it will take me awhile to feel the same for some other.

Day 880
Months have passed
And our lives have drifted
I do miss you sometimes
But I’m glad the burden was lifted
Though I wish more words were spoken
Between us, if only as friends
I’m glad that you’ve found happiness
And I wish you the very best
With love to you, my dear friend.



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