Eight Hundred and Eighty Days

Day 1
A short glance;
The first time these eyes were set on you.
They didn’t think much;
Oh, if only they knew –

Day 81
“Turn around,” I heard you say.
Sigh, what is he up to now?
I heard you laugh then told you to go away.
You didn’t. Oh, what an idiot.

Day 177
It was three o’clock in the morning
And I could hear my heart shatter
What is this unfathomable feeling?
I would only find out later.

Day 306
Five words; one sentence.
That was all it took.
I wanted to cry but I didn’t.
I pretended to have not looked.

Day 408
I chanced upon a meeting
And couldn’t help but laugh
And though I could feel my heart breaking
I was too amused to pick the pieces up.

Day 470
You told me it was over
I didn’t know if I was happy or sad
But you seemed fine and I knew
I knew I was glad.

Day 513
It was the end of our time
– And I didn’t want to go
But time would only grant so much
I can only wish we were given more.

Day 559
You poured your heart out to me
As it was nearing dawn
And though I was glad of the comfort you had
I wished you knew my heart was yours all along.

Day 806
I finally gathered the courage to speak
Though your heart was already with another
You were very kind to me and I thank you for it
But it will take me awhile to feel the same for some other.

Day 880
Months have passed
And our lives have drifted
I do miss you sometimes
But I’m glad the burden was lifted
Though I wish more words were spoken
Between us, if only as friends
I’m glad that you’ve found happiness
And I wish you the very best
With love to you, my dear friend.



Samawiyah is majoring in English with Creative Writing at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, and is either sleeping right now or trying hard not to. She firmly believes that your path is your own and you ought to travel it in whatever manner you please.

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