Event Review: Green Night 2012 – Chasing The Sun

From 6-8th November 2012, UNMC’s Green Team held their annual event, ‘Green Week’; a week of awareness campaigns to promote everything sustainable and environmentally friendly. Green Week saw a wide range of events hit UNMC, from an ‘eco-bazaar’ to seminars, but the highlight of the week was, without a doubt, Green Night, an evening of dance, music, and performing arts courtesy of UNMC students as well as a few outsiders. 

As I entered UNMC’s Great Hall, I was overcome with a sense of compassion from the organizers and members of the Green Team 2012. Everyone lent a hand in making sure guests were greeted with a smile. Free notebooks (made from recycled products) were handed out at the door to the lucky attendees, along with free curry puffs (yum!), and whilst we waited for the event to start we were encouraged to take a look at the Green Team merchandise on display. They had everything from water bottles, to bags, to notebooks, all eco-friendly of course! This sense of compassion and thoughtfulness continued during the show in the form of a lucky draw. Fortunate audience members were able to score gift baskets filled with all sorts goodies, while the grand prize (a Polaroid camera!) went to one lucky person.

On with the show! All the while, through the beautiful performances that took place, the Green Team sent out their message of reflecting on our actions towards the earth, and educating us on how we can learn to take better care of the environment we live in. The night began with a beautiful serenade of the Disney classic ‘Reflection’ by Yen Yi, which was followed by a poem, written and performed by Nazreen Mohamad. Titled ‘Suicide’, the haunting poem links the story of a man killing his mother to an eye-opening revelation of people’s attitudes towards the environment they live in.

The evening continued with an uplifting saxophone solo by Wisdom Anthony, who shared his own words of ‘wisdom’ (sorry I had to!) about how we all need to put aside our differences as humans and come together as one to fix the problems facing our environment. However, my personal favorite performance has got to be the beat-boxing set by ABeatC. Hailing from Taylor’sUniversity, ABeatC slaughtered every past performance of live beat-boxing I’ve ever seen in this country, and set the bar at an all-time high, with his unique and perfected style. I could go on about it forever, but I’ll hold myself back, for now.. his performance was just awesome! It’s also worth noting that he had the coolest pair of sneakers I’ve ever seen, photo evidence has been provided.

Like any other special occasion, the best was definitely saved for last. Green Night ended with a hilarious yet thought-provoking skit, made and performed by UNMC students.

The script, written by Gerald Ooi, followed the life of an environmentalist and his struggle in trying to get his message across to the ignorant world surrounding him. Played brilliantly by Mohammed Alnaiem, we followed the man’s past challenges as he retold his life-story to his young granddaughter. Witty, funny, and stimulating, the skit, which included the likes of Rouaa Fadl, Shazreen Shoib, Chai Shin Yin, and Jasmin Irisha, didn’t fail in making us laugh out loud (maybe even at times we weren’t supposed to laugh!), and definitely made us reflect on our own actions and ignorance.

The event was altogether a great success. It was wonderful to see a group of students come together to share their love of the world we live in, and to educate one another on how we can take the first few steps in restoring Mother Nature to her former glory.

Em Mirghani

"Zeal without knowledge is fire without light." - Thomas Fuller, 17th century historian

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