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Entertainment is not only a part of life that people (especially us as university students) enjoy greatly, but is an essential component to some as it acts as a great stress reliever. One of the best types of entertainment one can find in Malaysia is clubbing. 

Malaysia holds one of the largest varieties of clubs and music bars in all of Asia. The first official music bar was opened in 1995, near Petaling Street, by a group of Chinese businessmen. After a few years of improvement within the music industry, in addition to people’s need (youngsters in particular) to get into the trend of partying, Malaysia has seen huge improvements within the clubbing scene with the openings of numerous nightspots. 2003 has seen the launch of the first official international nightclub in Jalan Ampang through the Singaporean group, Zouk. Meanwhile on the opposite side of KL, a group of British and local people, with a passion for electronic dance music, came together to bring one of the biggest club brands out there to Malaysia. Name: Ministry of Sound, a.k.a. MOS.

After a successful 2 to 3 years, the clubbing industry in Malaysia was booming, and more businessmen sought to get into the trend by improving or opening up their own clubs or music bars. Between 2005 and 2007, there were up to 6 nightclubs which had officially been launched in Malaysia, such as Maison, Poppy Garden, Quatro and @live Sunway. And as time as passed, the demand for more entertainment by the public has been met as more people started joining the clubbing industry. Since 2009, the people behind this industry have been taking huge steps to make KL one of the top clubbing destinations in the world.

A number of clubs since then have managed to keep their clients fully satisfied through evolving their music, menus and settings, while still managing to keep the party going under the same roof. According to official sources, the top 10 clubs in KL with the highest sales rates as of the New Year eve of 2012 are:

1. Zouk
2. Vertigo
3. Rootz
4. Milk and Mist
5. Luna Bar
6. @live KL
7. Century
8. Changkat Street
9. The Library
10. Gosh KL

Apart from KL (Selangor), the top 5 states with the highest amount of clubs and pubs in Malaysia are:

1. Penang
2. Johor baru
3. Ipoh
4. Malacca
5. Sabah

The above data has been certified through public vote on Malaysia’s most popular clubbing website,

As time passes, people’s demands and interests will surely be met as nightlife improves. Just remember that whenever you need to just relax, hang out with some mates while enjoying great music, Malaysia will surely have something to offer which you’ll enjoy.

Mark Mohajerinejad

"Zeal without knowledge is fire without light." - Thomas Fuller, 17th century historian

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