Ever-changing Album

In the current music industry, there is a plethora of various sounds and melodies, yet, ironically, it is hard to find music that sounds remotely different and original, there are many artists but it feels like there is only one song playing, they all start to sound the same.

Perhaps it can be attributed to the fact that artists take samples from other songs and try to recreate and rebrand it into something different. Occasionally, they do succeed in their efforts, but most of the time, the only thing they succeed in is plagiarism: they have created a song that sounds almost identical to the original song.

Smartphone app developer, Fabrica has found an ingenious and creative way to create original and different sounding songs. Collaborating with the artist, Davide Cairo, he has created a smartphone app which uses a phone’s camera to transform each song.

Davide Cairo wrote, produced and performed an album, titled ‘Sadly By Your Side’ which is available for purchase and for listening as a normal LP. However, Fabrica has provided an alternative where you could download the album as an app, and when you point the phone’s camera at the surrounding environment, the app would then convert visual input into three colours: red, blue and black. The app then converts the amount of each colour into usable data that it will then use to transform and remodel the melody, harmony and rhythm of the song. This of course means that each song would be different for individual to individual as the camera is dependent on your surrounding environment and each individual’s environment will differ. This allows a user creative control over the song and provides a different listening experience.

It sure sounds futuristic and too good to be true, and the best part is that the app is free for purchasing and is compatible with iPhones, iPads and iPod touches.


Hon Jiun Wong

"Zeal without knowledge is fire without light." - Thomas Fuller, 17th century historian

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