Extensive Guide to TTS Take Out: Al Reef

Assignments are bulking up, and exam season is just around the corner. With that comes a whole lot of hunger, yet the inability to find time to eat, let alone cook. It’s not always that students want to eat from the cafeteria because, let’s be fair; it can get boring to eat from the same place all the time. However, as we live in Semenyih, our off-campus food choices are very limited, especially for those of us who rely on the University bus to drive us around to places.

It is definitely a blessing that there are TTS restaurants that deliver food. Especially when hunger strikes at odd hours into the night.

 The first on our Extensive Guide to TTS Takeout is Al Reef. They open from 12pm and has announced this year that they continue business until 3am.


Although it is considerably more expensive than the rest of the restaurants in TTS, Al Reef has continued to maintain itself as one of the favourite go-to take out restaurants for UNMC students.


Khabsa Chicken

My personal favourite option on the menu has been Khabsa Chicken ever since I first tried it last year. It does not give you the option of either bread or rice, but trust me; once you’ve tried the rice that comes with it you will not be missing the bread. The chicken, that is very juicy and flavourful, is served fairly generously. The rice is not similar to what you would get with the dishes that give you the option of rice or bread. For me, what gives this dish an extra zing is definitely the rice. It is fried with amazing Arabic spices to give you the amazing flavour it has. And of course, no Al Reef dish is complete without their salsa dip and garlic mayo.

If you’re hungry this option will only last you one meal. However, I find it to be too much to eat in one go, so spending RM 12 on this seems acceptable to me.


Arabic Chicken Shawarma – Best eaten with the garlic mayo.

This Arabic Chicken Shawarma is what I go for when I want to avoid eating something heavy. The one thing I love about it the most is that you can never expect what surprises they will leave in the wrap. Sometimes you might get pickles, or even pieces of fries. This is also probably the item that gets delivered the fastest, but there are times that such is not the case. The Shawarma is for RM 6, and comes with a side of just their garlic mayo.


Flavours just oozing out – Chicken Kebab

For those who prefer boneless chicken, the Kebab is the choice for you. You get the choice of either bread (RM10) or rice (RM12) with this. It tastes just like every other Arabic food, with their usual blend of spices. This is also a dish that I split into two meals. It will sometimes come with a roasted tomato or a chili, and even with fries from time to time. One thing you definitely will get is the salsa and the mayo.


Boneless Fish Fillet with Rice

From the reaction I have been getting from the next dish, it gives me the notion that not many people have actually tried this. Or even know they have it – Boneless Fish Fillet with rice (RM14) or with bread (RM12). This is not something that you can eat on a regular basis because of the evidently higher price than the rest of the dishes. I would, however, recommend this if you want to take a shot at something that does not give you the usual Arabic spice flavour. Much to my surprise, the fish is well cooked and soft, so it comes off very easily. It is extremely juicy and flavourful. And surprise, surprise, comes with their salsa and mayo.


The delivery time for all the dishes, generally, has been pretty much between twenty to thirty minutes. They have, however, sometimes made me wait for as long as an hour and a half. But I find that if I’ve waited longer, my food comes with a hidden surprise like a grilled tomato or a bed of fries (which, I won’t lie, are not as crispy as I would like them to be by the time it is delivered).


To order your food you can text, call, or whatsapp +60172324923.


By: Nafla Ali Firag

"I am not a glutton - I am an explorer of food." - Emma Bombeck

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