Extensive Guide to TTS Takeout: Khan Home Cook Food

Wondering what to eat today? Tired of expensive and limited options on campus? TTS Takeout and Delivery services will satisfy your cravings and hunger despite all the assignments needs to done, events need to be attended. It is no good neglecting your hunger because eating on time is essential to maintain what semblance of health you still do during cram time.

IGNITE Extensive Guide to TTS Takeout brings to you a new review on one of UNMCians’ favourite, but not so well-known option – Khan Home Cook Food. Khan Home Cook Food is one of the restaurants in TTS that caters to UNMC students. The place serves mostly Arabic, Western cuisine along with some variations of local Malaysian dishes, typically priced from RM7.00 to RM15.00.

  1. Chicken Tika Masala – RM12.00


The first dish I tried was their Chicken Tika Masala – a quarter leg chicken braised in spices and lots of onions with thick gravy. Though the chicken was tender and juicy, I might have preferred the chicken to be cut into smaller chunks so that it is easier to eat without getting the plate messy with gravy easily spilled all over.


  1. Onion Paratha – RM4.00

Onion paratha consists of two layers of shallow fried flatbread layered with sautéed onions with a little bit of oil and pepper for taste. Sadly, by the time it arrived to my doorstep, it had gone flat and soggy, a little bit chewy as it lost its crispiness. The onions could be sautéed a little longer for the flavours to be enriched with the richness of the butter as well.


  1. Potato Burger – RM6.00

This is unlike any of your typical McDonald’s burgers. A heavily seasoned mashed potato patty with chili spice, topped with tomato and cucumber slices all in one bun. Suitable for vegetarians as well. I would be bombarded by the spicy sensation coming from the chilies, were it not for the amount of ketchup and mayonnaise to tone it down a bit. The burger bun was soft, and the combination of the flavours worked really well.


  1. Beef Burger – RM8.00

On the other hand, their beef burger was much milder in flavour. The meat was practically smothered in chili sauce that gave an extra kick to the patty. The beef patty was slightly chewier than what I would have liked, seeing as they used processed patties rather than minced meat. The burger was a little on the oily side, but tasty nonetheless.


  1. Chicken Biryani – RM9.00

Khan Home Cook Food’s take on a classic chicken biryani worked fairly well for my taste buds. The infusion of the delicate aroma and flavour from the chicken broth and rice could be tasted as the chicken was cooked together with the rice. The spiced chicken was tender and had a moderate degree of spiciness whereas the rice was soft and moist. As you get the first bite and the bay leaf, star anise and other spices really gave a fragrant aroma. It was good value for the huge portion that could very well serve two.


  1. Homemade Shawarma – RM8.00

The combination of veggies and garlic sauce gave the shawarma a flavourful taste, with additional garlic mint sauce provided on the side. However, the chicken was rather dry from being overcooked. The wrap could have done for being toasted longer on the grill as it was still a bit chewy, especially with the sauce from the filling soaking in. What’s more, the chicken to veggies ratio in the wrap was quite imbalanced as almost half of the filling comprised of entirely shredded cabbage.

Overall, I found the food from Khan Home Cook Food to be flavourful and prices worth the size of the portions. Even if the level of spiciness sometimes went beyond my threshold. Those with low spiciness tolerance might want to stick to mild dishes instead.

Khan’s Food operates from 6.00pm onwards to 12.30am (last order by 12.20am). It usually takes around 20 minutes to be delivered. You can order by text, WhatsApp, phone +60 017-6302757 or +60 019-3079774 or even online via Facebook (Khan Home Cook).

By Aqilah binti Azman








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