Facing Fashion Fears

Here at Ignite’s Style Section, we’re back again yet with another style challenge! This time around we asked our writers to face their fashion fears. They would have to find something that they seldom wore and wear it for a day! Here’s how they did.

Cheong Jane-Menn, MPharm – Year 1


Jane initially expressed her concerns of wearing an off-shoulder top when faced with this challenge.

“I’d never thought I’d ever wear an off-shoulder top past the age of 17, so much so that the top I’m wearing was borrowed from a friend.”

Despite that, her efforts in selecting her outfit definitely deserve an A+. Going with a modern day witch look (as described by herself), her choice of matching a black sunhat, off-shoulder top and a pair of sneakers goes hand in and with her aubergine coloured skirt and dark lipstick.

“Would I do this again? Maybe but definitely nowhere in the near future.”

Top from Taobao

Skirt from British India

Shoes from Nike

Hat from Monki

Alina Nazri, Psychology – Year 1


Next up we have Alina, with her choice of wide legged dungarees.

“I feel like I’m going to break into a disco dance, while I milk some cows.”

We can see again, and this time in total contrast, another duotone ensemble with Alina’s choice to pair her dungarees (with two lil’ pockets) with a white ¾ bishop top and a pair of sandals. Alina, being the expert of combining the best of both worlds, has done it again with her urban disco and country girl look.

“And nope, I won’t wear it again, but it’s fun to venture out from my usual.”

Top from Nichii

Sandals from Zalora

Dungarees from @ffidasss (on Instagram)

Vikki Gitata, Finance Accounting and Management- Year 1


Thirdly we have Vikki and her pick of an A-line skirt.

“A-line skirts have never been my cup of tea. I’ve had this skirt for about 2 years now and this is the second time I wore it,”

Vikki’s lattice A-line skirt accentuates her pick of a colourful romper that is tucked in, which in turn makes her outfit appear energetic. Her additions of a silver necklace and pair of sandals strengthen her already classy outfit.

“It gave off an energetic and peppy feel throughout the day. It might just become a staple in my closet.”

Top from H&M

Skirt from Monki

Sandals from Forever 21

Andrew Ng, Foundation in Arts and Education


Last but not least we have Andrew with blue denim jeans.

“My mother even asked me where I got this. It was piled up my wardrobe. That’s how long I’ve not worn this.”

His pick of an adorable ‘Smile’ shirt paired with distressed blue denim jeans is a fail-safe combo that gives a casual street look. With a grey denim clutch and pair of sandals, it reinforces a street vibe that’s going on.

“It’s a good look. Maybe I’ll try it out again soon!”

T-shirt from Brands Outlet

Jeans from Zara

Sandals bought from Korea

Clutch from Spao

So that’s it, wrapped up and done! How did you think we did? Make sure to comment below! Stay tuned to Ignite Style as we offer up more posts on style and our StyleWatch!

Written by Andrew Ng

Ratchet pharmacist and local fashion slut.

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