Food Review: Delicious – One Utama, PJ

It is the existence of places like this that makes the world a better place to live in. The name itself sums up almost everything about this cafe. It’s classy environment makes you feel like you are dining among the elites. The setting is very relaxing with soft music playing in the background. If you shopped for 3 hours straight and want to rest, stretch your legs and at the same time have something exquisite to munch, this is where you would want to be.

This is one of the high end places that you have to be dressed well to walk in or else you would feel awkward throughout. I walked in with an over-sized black Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt and jeans and yes, I did feel awkward. Do they serve good meals? I think so. I did not totally go crazy baloney over my main course. I had green curry chicken with steamed rice and honestly, I would have cooked up a better version of that.

LESSON LEARNT: Explore local food on the streets of KL, not in a sumptuous restaurant.

What made me go crazy baloney was the dessert. Flipping through the menu, their Pavlovas caught my eyes almost instantly. There was also the chocolate brownies, red velvet cakes, carrot cakes, macadamia cheesecakes and a long list of mouth watering desserts listed. I turned to the display chiller and again, the Pavlovas out shined the rest.

And so, the Berrilicious Chocolate Pavlovas it was!

From the display chiller, the Pavlova looked spongy and covered with mousse.

When it was served and I poked my fork through it, hoping to scoop it out like a cake but a small part of it crumbled.

One thing that I love in food is when it takes me by surprise me and that was exactly what the Pavlova did. Now that it had my attention, everything intensified. I kept imagining how it was going to taste and whether or not I should have ordered the brownies instead.

It was when I topped the medium sized crumbled piece with the whipped cream and placed it into my mouth for it to melt away that I had no regrets at all. The chemistry going on in my mouth blew me away. Literally. It took me quite some time to find the words for an immediate after tasting comment.

It was perfect. For some it could be a little too sweet, but there is a ‘remedy’ that comes with the dessert for that. The big, bright juicy strawberries that were carefully topped on the whipped cream.

Again, my cheeks expanded like a balloon trying to make space for the pieces of pavlova and the strawberry at one and I did look a little “less elite”. It was tough keeping a straight elite face while experiencing so much deliciousness at once.

I vowed to myself that the next time I go there, I am going to splurge only on the desserts because it was definitely worth it. A little pricey but affordable once in a while especially if you want to go home happy. I went home happy and I still feel happy when I think of it.

Oh, the wonders desserts can do!


Vithiya Whyte

"Zeal without knowledge is fire without light." - Thomas Fuller, 17th century historian

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