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So much good food, so little stomach! I first considered writing about a glorious lunch I had by a scenic lake during a rainy winter in Victoria, but I’d be a very cruel foodie if I continue writing every week about all the delicious meals I’ve had somewhere across the ocean. Hence, my fellow readers, we are going to explore a place you can get to without needing to get your passport stamped, and this place is actually quite close to campus (well, kind of). I guarantee you this restaurant will have you fully satisfied and wanting to go back for more!

Located in Seapark, Petaling Jaya, myBurgerLab is a must-see place for those who get weak at the knees for some awesomely gratifying burgers. Only 40-50 minutes away from campus (because Google Maps told me so), the minimalist themed restaurant serves a number of extraterrestrial but sophisticated burgers. When I first went there, no seats were available and the line at the counter shot out through the entrance. People were scattered around with eyes sharp as a hawk waiting for tables. The hesitance to wait was prevalent but I thank God we decided to stand at the end of the line and patiently wait for our turn to order.

I must say, waiting that long took a lot of courage! As I waited in line with my grumbling stomach, all that was visible to me was one guy who had just been served his burger. He stared at it for about one whole minute, trying to digest it with his eyes. He picked it, examined it again, and one could see how he was in total awe. Then came the moment when he took a bite.

He closed his eyes as he munched his burger and it was obvious that he was on cloud 9. His fingers then reached for the fries and he stuffed the fries in and munched them along with the burger. My knees were weak and wobbly. Funny thing was I saw it all in slow motion and that simply added to the already ongoing drama between my stomach and my brains!

I was starving! My stomach was furious. I needed to get to the front of the line as soon as possible!

After a mentally torturous wait, I was in front of a lady who looked at me with a bright smile and raised eyebrows. Then it hit me. I had not decided what I was going to order! I quickly turned to the menu and ordered the first thing I saw; A+ burger with fries and a bottomless drink. The best part of the whole evening was the moment when my burger was served before my eyes. I caught myself staring at the burger just like the man did earlier. I picked it up and I swear had I stared at it for a couple more seconds, I would have drooled right on the spot. The fillings were layered well, the fillet was moist with just the right amount of sauce, the cheese was melted, the mushrooms were arranged side by side and the tomatoes were grilled to perfection. 

I took the first bite and the burger didn’t fall apart. Perfect! I munched and munched and munched! Then I sampled the fries by stuffing then in to my already full mouth. The best part of eating a burger is when you get into the fries as well. After a couple of bites followed by a sip or two of my refreshing soft drink, all I had left to say was ‘Oh good Lord!’ I may have looked ridiculous trying not to choke myself to death but the chemistry going on in my mouth took my soul through the roof. Heavenly! The fries were topped with sprinkles of finely chopped rosemary; a very tiny but smart detail, for the essence of it slips into the fries and just adds on to the awesome flavor of the whole meal.

I truly believe that good food can soothe and even heal the soul. This was an excellent dinner, and after devouring the whole burger, along with the fries and Sprite, I was stuffed and satisfied. My stomach felt happy. Although my brain instructed me to go through an intense 12 laps of swimming the next day, the A+ Burger, courtesy of myBurgerLab was worth a lot more than what I had paid for!

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Vithiya Whyte


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