George’s Great British Kitchen: A Good & Proper Place

A long-awaited Sunday gathering and brunch sent us to George’s Great British Kitchen – an airy, upscale fish ‘n’ chips restaurant serving local cuisine, plus sharing boards and British gins. It is well-known for its splendid lunch menu and a special 15% discount off the bill for students of tables up to four.

George’s Scotch Egg

Appetizer: George’s Scotch Eggs

Price: £5.95 (approx. RM32.70)

When I saw that Scotch Eggs were available on the menu, I knew I had to get them. A gastropub staple, this appetizer was made of cooked eggs swaddled in sausage meat, leek, and ginger, which was then breaded, fried and served with splendid piccalilli (a British interpretation of Indian pickle relish). The rich, soft yolk was just the right consistency, the sausage meat flavourful and the breading neither too thick nor too dense. Following each bite with a scoop of piccalilli, before I knew it I had already inhaled the dish and was left craving more.

Scottish Haddock Goujons

Scottish Haddock Goujons (Fish n’ Chips)

Price: £8.75 (approx. RM48.10)

The first main course we tried was the Scottish Haddock Goujons. Fresh flash-fried fillets were served with chunky tartare sauce and a side of pickles. The tartare sauce and lemon gave the fish a much-needed tart element. This dish was very much like a good ol’ fish n’ chips, done right. But while the fish was fresh and tender, with a crispy coating – it wasn’t quite unique. It could, however, do with a larger serving of sauce and pickles as we were only given a measly quarter of an onion and a slither of gherkins.

Inka Grilled Wild Ocean Cod

Charcoal-grilled White Cod

Price: £8.95 (approx. RM49.20)

Charcoal-grilled white cod, served with sweet potato mash, confit button mushrooms, tomato and herb salsa. The fish was lightly flaky and tender, but perhaps a bit too moist considering it should have been grilled. The earthy flavour from the mushrooms, too, were perhaps a little bit too strong for my personal liking. However, the true highlight of this dish, belonged to its sweet potato mash! A bright orange colour that wets your appetite, seasoned perfectly, with a soft, creamy texture that melted instantly in your mouth – it easily steals the spotlight away from the fish. Together, the texture of the plate was very mushy, but had they been served individually, their flavours would be better showcased.

Cod & Smoked Haddock Cake

Cod & Smoked Haddock Cake

Price: £8.25 (approx. RM45.35)

Last came the Cod & Smoked Haddock Cake – steamed cod and home-smoked haddock fused with house mashed maris piper potatoes, served in a thick creamy potato broth, decorated with a beautifully swirled spring onion. Despite the unassuming appearance, this was a luxurious fishcake made from minced fresh fish, adequately flavoured and deep fried for a good crust. The texture of the fishcake was just right, albeit a bit greasy. The potato cream was classic comfort food – every spoonful warms the stomach. The flash-fried spring onion added extra crispiness for good measure, but the dish otherwise lacked something tart like a squeeze of lemon to combat the heavy flavours.

Although the place was packed for lunch hour, the service staff were very friendly and attentive, which certainly helped the whole experience. Every meal is served with twice cooked chips. And if you don’t enjoy eating them, swap them for stilton chips, or sweet potato fries for a healthier choice for an additional £1.50.

Overall, the food was good and the atmosphere was fantastic for a gathering of friends and family.

Tip: Be sure to make reservations early if your party consists of 6 or more to avoid disappointment as the place is always busy!

George’s Great British Kitchen Operating Hours:

  • Sunday to Thursday: 11.30am – 9.30pm
  • Friday & Saturday: 11.30am – 10.30pm

Address: 13 Queen St, Unit 1, Nottingham NG1 2BL

Written by Laurel Tan Xiang Min

Photo credits Laurel Tan Xiang Min

"I am not a glutton - I am an explorer of food." - Emma Bombeck

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