A Guide To The Unchartered Territories Of The Written World

Are you searching for good books to read? With assignment deadlines looming and the exams coming up fast you may not have a lot of time to set aside for reading. But, what about those breaks in between academic pursuits? Maybe you’d benefit from a good laugh or a change of words from your usual reading material. Or you can have a little help on how to really ace your exams. And for those of you who are graduating and looking for work or inspiration on what to do next, there’s plenty of reading material to help you on your way too.

Ignite provides the answers (essentially a glorified list). From adding to your summer reading list to study breaks and post-graduation inspiration, we’ll make sure you have something to read. It would be a Herculean task to cater to every conceivable taste in one little list so we’ve put together a collection of monuments and hidden treasures for both avid readers and beginners who’re just discovering what it’s like to disappear into a good book.

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This is Matilda. You may have met her before, think Roald Dahl. The BFG from your childhood stories? No? That’s fine; she’s just here to be your guide for exploring the uncharted territories of the written world. (Incidentally, Roald Dahl’s books have a timeless sort of quality about them. It doesn’t matter if you’re a little child entranced with fairy tales or a burgeoning graduate ready to dive into higher studies and work. You can still read about Matilda’s life and chuckle on the KTM, on your way to work interviews and while applying for Master’s and PhD positions.)

Read from a paperback, from a Kindle, from your laptop, or visit the library. Doesn’t matter, read and absorb knowledge like a sponge. Work on yourself and achieve your goals. Laugh, cry, be inspired and share stories.




As long as the book is a factual account, it’s shelved under the very big, very vague nonfiction umbrella. If you want to learn about the world around you and ultimately conquer it, this is your section.



Rich, long and thoroughly satisfying, classics make a very good substitute for travelling back in time.



Fantasy, paranormal, science fiction, dystopian novels all fall under speculative fiction so here’s a medley of all things imagined. This is where the inexplicable magic happens but its dangerous territory if you sink and forget about reality. So be careful around the quicksand.



These are for when you need to come back from the clouds and be an earthling again.



If you’re reading these in public, be prepared to have people stare at you for laughing at a book. No, seriously. It happens a lot.


There is a huge, growing world of books (sort of like an expanding universe) to explore. If you’ve already read the list above (in which case props to you, you fountain of stories and knowledge) or aren’t into these genres, then have a look through the websites below. You just might find what you’re looking for.

Read (or listen) and you will learn. Remember, reading nourishes your soul (unless you’re a member of the undead creatures club, in which case there are books that have instructions on how to reverse the process).


By Ayesha Shaik


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