Heavenly Desserts: A Little Taste of Heaven

With a simplistically stylish yet elegant storefront, Heavenly Desserts is a unique dessert café franchise in Nottingham that specialises in using traditional dessert ingredients and elevating them to delectably sophisticated desserts. It is located in the city at 6 Angel Row, Nottingham NG1 6HL.

From the humble cookie dough to brownies, American waffles to Belgian waffles, and the classic French crêpes, Heavenly Desserts have it all. Each of the desserts even get creative little names such as ‘One Last Time, I Promise!’, or ‘I’ll Have What She’s Having’, and many more!

My First Time

My First Time

Belgian waffle with Belgian chocolate sauce and Madagascan vanilla gelato

Price: £5.50 (approx. RM30.25)

One of Heavenly Dessert’s latest addition to the menu, is a nicely toasted Belgian waffle smothered with smooth Belgian chocolate sauce with a scoop of Madagascan vanilla gelato and garnished with dark chocolate flake shavings. This classic waffle was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, with the creaminess of the cream and gelato complementing the richness of the chocolate. Although, the abundance of chocolate sauce may be a little bit overpowering for some.

One Last Time… I Promise!

One Last Time I Promise

American style waffles with milk chocolate sauce, flake shavings and Stracciatella gelato

Price: £5.90 (approx. RM32.30)

Yet another one of Heavenly Dessert’s signatures – this treat is perfect for any chocolate enthusiast, coming in the form of a golden waffle covered in smooth Belgian chocolate sauce, just slightly warm to counter the Stracciatella gelato and garnished generously with more chocolate flake shavings. An option to switch the Stracciatella to the dark chocolate gelato is also provided as well. It showcased the richness of the Belgian chocolate very well without overpowering our palates as compared to the first waffle we had. We’d say this is a better recommendation for anyone with a milder sweet tooth.

Guilty by Suspicion

Guilty By Suspicion

French crêpe and Belgian white chocolate, raspberries and Madagascan vanilla gelato

Price: £7.20 (approx. RM39.60)

Opting for a change from all the waffles we’ve ordered, this dessert came in the form of a freshly baked French crêpe, drizzled with tangy raspberry and white chocolate sauce for a tingling combination of sweet and tart. When offered between the Madagascan Vanilla or Stracciatella gelato, we went for the latter for a cooling edge, and added fresh raspberries as well. To our pleasant surprise, the strawberry syrup and white chocolate sauce soaked crepe remained crispy on the underside, although the sweetness of the sauces was a little overbearing on our taste buds.

I’ll Have What She’s Having

I'll Have What She's Having

Classic American waffle with milk chocolate, strawberries and Madagascan vanilla gelato – a must have!

Price: £6.90 (approx. RM37.80)

After learning about Heavenly Desserts’ top selling signature – I’ll Have What She’s Having, we simply couldn’t resist ordering yet another waffle-themed dessert. The freshly baked golden waffle came with a scoop of velvety Madagascan vanilla gelato and is served with ripe, juicy red strawberries drizzled with lightly heated Belgian milk chocolate. With the perfect blend of richness from the chocolate sauce, the sweetness from the ice cream and refreshing tartness from fresh strawberries as a palate cleanser – this classic signature instantly won us over for the best dessert-of-the-day.

Heavenly Desserts - Menu

Heavenly Desserts dine-in and takeaway menus

The atmosphere of the store was refined yet cosy and casual, with a welcoming team of friendly staff that made our visit all the more enjoyable. The store operates every day from 8.00am to 12.00am. Perfect for either a special breakfast, a relaxing afternoon treat, or an indulgent late-night snack, Heavenly Desserts is certainly a place worth returning to!

By Laurel Tan



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