Shorts For Winter

On my last two trips I experienced amazing places, tried delicious food and met great people. I fell even more in love with travelling. A few hours into my adventures had me already convinced that I was doing what I love and what I am meant to do. I have to say, every detail of a trip makes it a unique experience. Each time, the destination is different, the preparation is also different.

The thing is, this time it actually did not match. For Indonesia -slightly colder than Malaysia- I thought about packing two or three jeans, two jackets and long sleeved shirts but when I was off to Hong Kong –where it is obviously colder- I ended up taking more shorts and t-shirts than warm clothes. I guess I was just distracted, or maybe it was meant to be, depending on your perspective. This time, I got more than a lesson on which jeans to pack. Aside from catching a cold, I was able to break the usual routine and that what made the trip so special.

While it often seems that going to the touristy places and getting an awesome selfie makes travelling worthwhile, you would be surprised at how going against the tide can make for an even better experience, even if at first glance, it sounds like a bad idea. Those “mistakes” are the little things that change our perception and shape our mindset.

So yes, it all started with the clothes! It might be because it is one of the most evident things when prepping for a trip. People at Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak stared at me in surprise. I can easily imagine what was going through their minds from the look on their faces. And even though it seemed like a stupid thing to do, I had more fun than if I had worn a warm and comfy jacket. That automatically became part of the silly story I had to tell my parents at the end of my trip.

Besides being able to laugh at myself and tell people how ‘I went to Hong Kong, dressed for Hawaii and to Indonesia, as if I was ready to snowboard’, I am grateful to have discovered that it always takes a bit of bad to make something good. As always, travel taught me something valuable.

Eduardo Beltrán

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"Zeal without knowledge is fire without light." - Thomas Fuller, 17th century historian

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