Q. How long is each workshop session?

A. Each workshop session will last approximately an hour or two.

Q. How do I know which of the workshops listed will I get to attend?

A. You will be assigned to the relevant workshops based on whether you apply as a journalist or a photographer. However, some workshops are general and open to all.

Q. Who are the speakers for the workshops? Is it a surprise?

A. The names of speakers will be announced progressively on the website and on our social media pages. Stay tuned and follow our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/SM.unmc/) to know when they are released!

Q. What if I am not a media student, can I still apply if I am interested?

Yes! We encourage students from all courses and fields of study to apply.

Q. What if I have no experience in the media field?

A. As long as you are interested in and passionate about the media industry, you are welcome to apply. No previous experience is required.

Q. Once I have applied, by when will I know whether I have been selected or not?

A. You will be informed whether you have been selected or not via email within a week of applications closing .

Q. When do applications close?

A. They close on the 30th of August, 2017.

Q. Will lunch/dinner be provided on all days?

A. Dinner will be provided during the Media Night. On the rest of the days, you have to arrange for your own meals. There are many different eating options available on campus.

Q. What if I have a special dietary requirement?

A. Let us know on the application form!

Q. What if I have more questions that are not answered here?

A. Feel free to email our Organizing Chief, Lhavanya Dharmalingam (kady5lda@nottingham.edu.my) or our Communications Chief, Piya Raj (kabfy5prs@nottingham.edu.my).