Workshops for Writers/Journalists (Exclusive)

Writing for the Digital Medium Ian Yee
With the gradual digitization of the media industry, learn about writing styles that cater specifically to digital media and what is acceptable in traditional mediums but not online. Understand how to come up with a story keeping the audience in mind, learn objective and economical writing, and more!Ian Yee is the Editor and Executive Producer of R.AGE, a weekly editorial section in The Star. R.AGE is a multiple award-winning youth platform that converges print media, radio, digital media and effective on-ground campaigns/activities. Under Ian's leadership, it has won several international awards, including three Asian Digital Media Awards and a World Young Reader Prize, as well as several local editorial prizes. In addition to R.AGE, Ian also manages The Star’s long-running journalist programme BRATs as its lead facilitator and workshop curator.
Writing for News
Susan Tam
Master the art of presenting factual news in an attention-grabbing manner without making it clickbait. Learn the ethics of news reporting, the format for reporting on an event, comparative analysis of two different kinds of news writing, and more!Susan Tam has been a successful, established journalist for over a decade. She has worked as a reporter in The Star, as a producer at Al Jazeera English Television and as a writer for online sites such as Yahoo! Malaysia, All Malaysia Info and We Write Stuff. Susan participated in speaking engagements with KAS' Emerging Leaders Forum on Journalism in Berlin, China and South Korea. She lectures journalism at Monash University Malaysia Campus and IACT College. Her clients for editorial services include United Nations Malaysia and StartupMalaysia. 
Writing for Opinion
Ivanpal Singh Grewal
Learn what constitutes a valid, newsworthy opinion, how to present it in an unbiased and as factual-as-possible manner, how to debate both sides of the argument, how an opinion piece differs from other types of writing (like news or reviews), how to balance personal opinion and biasness, audience relevance, and more!
Ivanpal works in the Prime Minister's Department as the Political Secretary to YB Dato' Mah Siew Keong. He piloted the Law Society at HELP University as President then went on to study law and graduate from Cardiff University, where he also led the Malaysian Students' Society as President. He was the Executive Director for SEDAR Institute. He currently writes a bi-weekly column entitled Making Progress in the opinion section (online edition) of The Star.
Writing ReviewsUmapagan
There are many elements that comprise an informative review. Understand what these elements are and how you go about acquiring such details in this workshop! Learn how to avoid biases, how to draw the line between being professionally critical and unnecessarily negative, and more!Umapagan is a media moll. You can find him almost everywhere – from newsprint to the internet, from radio to television – where he contemplates everything from the idiosyncrasies of Malaysian politics to his unnatural obsession with the written word. Blessed with a critic’s pen and a reader’s enthusiasm, Uma's radio show, Bookmark on BFM89.9, is Malaysia’s pre-eminent broadcast on all things book related. He is also a film critic with At The Movies and the co-host of BFM89.9′s drive time radio show, The Evening Edition. And when he’s not doing all of this, Uma also runs The Cooler Lumpur Festival!


Workshops for Photographers (Exclusive)

Food PhotographyChristopher Dai
Master the skill of taking aesthetically pleasing pictures of food. Learn techniques like colour coordination, natural and artificial lighting, arrangement and coordination of objects, collaging, how to take photos of moving aspects such as steam, and more!

Christopher founded ChrisDai Studio in 2014, which specialises in food and commercial photography. Some of the clients he has worked with include: Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia, AGODA, Fave (Groupon Malaysia), Ichiban Boshi, Kurata Japanese Fine Dining (Park Royal Hotel), Taiwan Signature, Komugi, FLP YOMIKO Malaysia, Kajima, OWL Eyewear, Thinkscape Design Group, JUBM and Yamagata Malaysia, just to name a few.
Fashion ShootsAndy Kho
Learn how to take aesthetically pleasing skills of models and be confident in communicating with them for a successful photoshoot. This session will cover aspects like natural and artifical lighting, group shots vs solo shots, backgrouds, colour coordination, collaging, product placement, and so much more! Andy Kho is a professional photographer based in KL, whose assignments include beauty pageants, international conventions, music festivals and concerts and many more. His clientele boasts names like Citibank, Johnnie Walker, Adidas, Puma, Chopard, Kate Millen, Topshop, Standard Chartered, just to name a few.
A few of his countless projects include:
• Malaysia Fashion Week 2016. Official photographer.
• Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo 2015. Fashion photographer for JapaColle Tokyo.
• Ms Universe Malaysia 2010. Official photographer. 2010 - present.
• Hennessy VSOP and Hennessy XO. Official brand photographer. 2008 – present.
• Honda Malaysia. Official photographer. 2009 - present.
Event PhotographyBenjamin Lim
Learn what is expected of an event photographer before the event, during it and after it. This session will cover aspects like composition of a shot, how to maximise usage of a DSLR, what types of lenses are best in these situations, how to deal with indoor conditions e.g. lighting, photography etiquette, and more!Benjamin is the founder of Benjamin Lim Photography. He has been shooting weddings since 2009 and has worked with many top photographers in the country as their associate photographer. In 2010, he was recognized and awarded a Professional Certification by MPA (Masters Photographer Association, UK), WPPI (Weddings and Portrait Photographer International) and WPPM (Wedding and Portrait Photographer Malaysia).
Moving Shots and Sports PhotographyTo be announced soon.


Workshops Open to All

Digital Storytelling Jaya Mahajan

Learn the art of digital storytelling, its uses and benefits, how to capture attention, and what is good and bad storytelling. Explore the process of crafting a storytelling strategy/technique, the tools (infographics, GIFs, etc.), and more!
An award winning documentary and transmedia producer, Jaya is associated with Creative Stew, a KL based content production company. She started her career as a journalist with CNBC in Mumbai, then moved to production, creating compelling documentaries and factual programs for broadcasters like CNN, BBC and the National Geographic. As a broadcaster, she was the factual commissioner at Astro in KL where she helped create over 300 hours of award winning factual content. She also conducts workshops and regularly lectures on different aspects of digital journalism and interactive storytelling.
Digital Storytelling (Vlogging) Hari Das Sivadas
Explore the world of vlogging; learn the dos and don'ts, how to structure content for a short video that caters to an infotainment angle, how to start, get the message across quickly and effectively, understand and cater to your audience, and more! Hari Das has over 17 years of experience working in broadcast journalism, digital content marketing, and producing news & feature content (particularly with the Star Media Group).
He is currently the Creative Content Head at Edelman Public Relations Worldwide, where he is responsible for mapping out content strategy, ensuring all content is on-brand and consistent in terms of style, quality, etc, and all social media channels of content with primary focus on video content. He handles clients like Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Shell Malaysia, Unilever, Nestle, Pavilion KL, LinkedIn, and more.
Fake NewsMelisa Melina Idris
Learn why one shouldn't indulge in and perpetuate fake news, as well as how to identify it. This session will cover aspects like tools to use for identifying fake news e.g. fact checkers, how to prevent fake news from being spread, what issues are made into fake news and why/ agenda, techniques used to create fake news i.e. media theories, and more!
Search Engine OptimizationCharles Gregory
Understand what SEO is exactly, its uses and benefits and how to use it optimally in a journalistic context or a media platform.
Web Editing
V. Kugantharan
Interview SkillsTo be announced soon.
Social Media Strategies in the Media Industry To be announced soon.
Newsroom ManagementTo be announced soon.


Timetable of the programme:


1.30 pm- Registration starts

2.30 pm- IITW 2.0 begins

7.00 pm- Workshops end for the day


9 am- Workshops start

7 pm- Workshops end for the day


9 am- Workshops start

4 pm- Workshops end

4,30 pm- Media Night Begins

10 pm- IITW 2.0 ends