5 Inspirational Songs to Tune Your Day To

Music is the collection of life that shapes who we are, creates our sense of feelings and motivate our heart and soul. As music is a great motivator, here are some energy boosters to encourage you when going through the trials and tribulations, or if you want to relax after a long, tiring day.

English: Marlisa – “Stand by You”

This young artist with a golden voice, which is perfect for her age, is the winner of the sixth season of X Factor Australia. The phrase ‘stand by you’ gives a sense of security and the strength to stay strong in facing the world amidst the disappointment and hurt one can encounter in life. Also, positive spirit is established through the lyrics – sometimes, black can be the brightest colour. “Who will stand by you? Marlisa!”

Mandarin: Andrew Tan & Bii – “Imperative” (“Shi Zai Bi Xing”)

If there is no persistence, could dreams come true? Composer Penny Tai answered this question by writing this song – “Shi Zai Bi Xing”, which was dedicated to these two talented singers from Malaysia and Korea. Both of them conveyed the message of their passion in music and the willingness to accept the pain during the process of achieving their dream. Their determination in persuading the dream of being celebrities has motivated society, especially in Taiwan.

Malay: Ella – “Standing in the Eyes of the World”

This is a Malay classic – a melancholic rhythm that sinks into the listeners’ heart and ignites the past memories of bittersweetness. Some recalled the independence of Malaysia, the hardships they encountered and the failure before the arrival of success. Those situation and flashbacks motivate us to learn from mistakes and keep going without any fear. Everything is possible to be something that stands in the eyes of your world – have you found your something?

Japanese: Aimer – “StarRingChild”

Aimer’s sacchariferous and charming voice in the ending theme for the final episode of “Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn” takes us to a brand-new universe, reminding us to not simply give up on dreams, strive for it and stay optimistic to looking forward to a shining chapter.

Hokkien: Mayday – “Braveness”

This famous five-man Taiwanese rock band are the people behind this heart-pumping and motivational song. It speaks to the notion that no matter who we are, being ‘BRAVE’ is a key to survival as braveness overcomes the darkness and bitterness, and discovering the sweetness behind the bitter effort.

By Joann Chua Rou En
Header image: Lifehack

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