Tzer Maan: UNMC Alumnus and Zorotec Founder

IGNITE recently had the chance to interview an alumnus of The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, Tzer Maan – to find out more about his start-up company Zorotec.


Tzer Mann, founder of Zorotec


What is the position of the company you are currently in?

I am the founder of and the current head manager for Zorotec.

What is Zorotec?

Zorotec is a start-up that uses e-commerce as a platform for the base of the company, to sell high end electronic gadgets that are new and unique to Malaysia.

What drove you to create Zorotec?

I had an interest in e-commerce and high end electronic gadgets for quite some time, which drove me to try and combine these two passions of mine into a start-up. The reason behind it was mostly due to the fact that most high end electronic gadgets are produced overseas and in order to get them, there are several problems such as the cost of shipping and the long processing time by the customs. I wanted to bring these high end electronic gadgets into Malaysia so that people can simply purchase it from us.

What kinds of things do you do beyond what most people see?

As an entrepreneur and the founder of a start-up there are a lot of things that most people won’t realize until they become one. Being an entrepreneur exposes you to different types of work from different fields of expertise. For instance, I’m managing both the business and technology side of Zorotec. I could be managing the accounting for Zorotec as well as the marketing for it and the next thing you know, I’ll be elsewhere making some of the gadgets and testing them. Meanwhile, being a start-up company, on most occasions you won’t be able to hire a lot of people to do work for you. So most of the time, you will be understaffed and have to do a lot of the ground work. For instance, quite recently we visited The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus and I was there giving out flyers to promote one of our product as well as our company. So essentially, you’ll be the Jack-of-all-trades and will be constantly working on something all the time.

What advice would you give to those aspiring to become an entrepreneur?

I have two pieces of advice to give to those that have considered or at least thought of becoming an entrepreneur. There will be a lot of challenges ahead so my first advice would be to try everything. There’s always a good or bad time. Not everything you do will be successful, so try everything. Don’t be too fixated into one thing since there are many alternative ways of doing something. My second advice would be to make connections with people. Not just in terms of getting feedback for your business, make a connection that will make you memorable to someone. Who knows, the next person you meet might just be your next business partner.

What are the future plans of Zorotec?

In Zorotec we always strive to be better. We are planning to bring in even more gadgets to be available to the general public. And there are plans of creating our own Research and Development team within Zorotec to tap into the market for unique electronic gadgets. Essentially we are trying to make Zorotec  iconic, so when someone thinks of electronic gadgets, they will be thinking of Zorotec.

Are there any job opportunities from Zorotec as of now?

Yes. We have a job opening for quite an important position. There is an urgent need for an e-commerce manager. Primarily, an e-commerce manager would manage the Zorotec website however, the e-commerce manager would technically also be my assistant and would help me with various tasks. It would be an interesting job for someone who is interested in diversifying their skills.


For more information please contact Zorotec.



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